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I figure I should start doing reviews of the movies I watch. I literally watch like 10 or more a week (Thanks to Blockbuster Online) I used to want to be a film director, and took a few film production classes, but I dont like working with others. So maybe a movie reviewer would be perfect until I can finance my own movies! I think most movie critics are too critical. I'll watch any movie and I try to make the best of it, and can always find something in it to learn from. It takes a LOT to make a movie, and if it's produced then there has to be something good about it.

Last night i watched BABEL. With Brad Pitt and Kate Blanchett.
Derek's Grade= A-

It's a unique movie in that it's really 4 separate stories that are slightly related. I would definitely classify it as a drama and not an action movie. It's fairly slow paced.

The main story is about two American Tourists in Morroco. While on a tour bus the woman is shot in the shoulder. Being stuck in the middle of a desert and in a foreign country isn't the best place to get shot. This story documents the trouble of foreign affairs and how politics interfere more than they help in some circumstances. While the countries try to figure out what to do, and who shot her she is bleeding to death.

Politics are more concerned with themselves than the people they are bound to protect.

Mean while the couples' children in San Diego are being watched by their nanny who is Mexican. Because of the incident they obviously didn't get home in time and the nanny has to go to her sons wedding in Mexico. She couldn't find anyone else to watch the kids so she decides to take them down to the wedding.. bad idea. Everything goes fine until they try to cross back over the US border on their way home. The main theme of the movie becomes clear - people have trouble communicating. Lets just say that no matter someones good intentions, you wouldn't want your children taken down to mexico without your permission. DUH But the movie does a great job of showing the Nanny's perspective too.

One big mistake can ruin your entire life.

The next story is about a family in Morocco who buy a gun to shoot the jackals that try to eat their goats. The sons who are maybe 12ish are given the gun and told to shoot the jackals. While they are with the goats they wanted to test the distance the guns could shoot, so as a tour bus goes by they're like - "Oh lets see if it can shoot that far!" and so they do, and that's how the American tourist gets shot! Automatically everyone assumes it's a Terrorist, even though there weren't terrorists in Morocco anymore. Eventually the police track the gun back to this family and the kids end up making the situation a LOT worse.

Don't give children guns, they are not mature enough to make decisions with deadly weapons.

The gun originally came from a hunter from Japan and this is how the final story is tied in. The daughter of the Japanese hunter is deaf and mute. Her story is about a girl trying to become a woman by getting a man to sleep with her. She thinks that's what is missing in her life. Her mother had just killed herself and her dad is very distant so she's trying to fill that void with any man she can. BUT she isn't able to find anyone who will "help her" and her story ends in a way that you have to think for yourself.

Basically it's a story of miscommunication, hence the name "Babel" which is the city in the bible where everyone suddenly started to speak different languages. It's moral is very direct and ambiguous at the same time. It's up to the viewer to translate what's happening and what to take from it. The story doesn't go in order and can be slightly complicated at points but over all was done very well. It's one of those movies where you almost want a little more explanation, but that would defy it's main point. It's not "why can't we all just get along" but we need to learn to communicate.
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