360 - Josh Hodge

Josh Hodge is my new favorite artist. He's on myspace and isn't signed yet, but tours with Elliot Yamin. Here is his myspace page http://www.myspace.com/joshhoge He just got some kind of deal with Geico. He's awesome.

Karma is a big fat bitch. That's why I try to be good, then she stays on my side.


So that's the way it is
you can just go and find someone else
and let me go like you dont owe me a thing
well i can handle this
i've been through it all before
and you'll get yours and i'm gonna bounce back again
you can tell someone that you'lll be there
and then walk away
like you don't care
i'm not saying this cause i'm mad,

i just want you to understand
one day, it's gonnna catch up with you

what goes around comes around
baby i thought you knew
you do some body wrong
and before to long it's gonna get done to you
and you might think you got away
played me for a fool
but you'll know
360 it's coming right back to you

you must be sitting on top the world
feeling like you're finally free
then you'll see
it wont be too long
takein what you deserve
and you're the one somebody leaves

and you'll think of me
and wish you never did me wrong!

you can tell someone that you'll be there
and then walk away, like you dont care
you might decide you want me back
but i'll be too late for that

What goes around, comes around

baby i htought you knew

you do somebody wrong

and before too long

it's going to get done to you

360 - it came right back to you

just like the way that this world turns
you play the game that way and you'll get burned
dont you know?
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