Why? Da Vinci, why?

"I dig his work a lot... If we don't 'know' what we don't see, then how can we 'know' that we don't see it? If we don't open up to the possibility of 'new vision'.I tip my hat to him and he inspires me to look again also..."

That about sums up the last year of my life to a T. What if i'm right and there really are thousands of other images trapped inside the Mona Lisa and Da Vinci's art? What would he really hide - what would his secrets really be?
If i'm right, then why? Why would Da Vinci hide other images inside his art? He definitely could, he was the greatest genius ever - but it's not "how" we need to ask. That's not important, it's WHY. Why?
My Guesses:
An explanation for the origin of human life
An explanation for a perfect world - the reclamation of "eden"
Lies we confuse as truths, and truths we confuse as lies.

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