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Love's Prison

Celf Centered Conspiracy Theory

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This is the Mona Lisa and another painting that was painted BEFORE her (1495) which has an uncredited painter. It fits over the Mona Lisa and combines with her to create a third image of what looks like a young girl - Da Vinci's Daughter but metaphorical and painted. The Person in the painting is Salai - Da Vinci's lover of 25 years. Mona Lisa is an anagram for "Mon Salai" and another version of Salai's name - Salino is "Ona Lisa" The painting of Salai would have HAD to been used in the design of the Mona Lisa for them to do this, not to mention the name game and other clues that I mention in my book that show Da Vinci planned for this to happen. It had to be kept secret because he would have been burned at the stake for being with another man at the time. Let alone the most famous painting in the world being a tribute to his love of another man and their imagined/painted daughter. "If liberty is dear to you may you never discover that my face is love's prison" - Da Vinci. Da Vinci's self portrait also combines with both of these paintings. This image below is The Mona Lisa - Salai - and Da Vinci all placed on each other. Check out my site for more or read my book online.

I discovered that the Last Supper contains hidden images when you mirror and cross it on itself over a year ago. This same discovery was published by someone else more recently and generated 15million hits to his site in a single day - something i've had in my book for months. There is proof on my site where I have a link to an article from last year where I mention this process. The image below is one of the hidden images that forms. I call it the "Great Ape"

This is another. It's Jesus holding a baby bundle. There are multiple "scenes" of a baby being held and passed around the table. Remember it's just a painting, but it was intended to be seen this way. More pictures and the process to unlock these images on my site/ book!

The Shroud of Turin Combines with Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man. Other experts agree that Da Vinci created the Shroud - which has 3d photographic qualities, but no one knows that it combines with his famous Vitruvian man drawing. Their composite creates a 3d effect and both images are more clearn when they are mirrored on each other.

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