Da Vinci's Technique for painting

""Using a scientific device to analyze Leonardo's "Madonna of the Yarnwinder" painting, researchers at the University of Florence said they were able to pinpoint virtually every stroke made by the famous Italian artist on the oil masterpiece. That showed the Leonardo avoided mixing colors on a painter's palette like his contemporaries did. Instead, he applied thin layers of paint directly on the canvas in different colors one on top of the other to create a rich texture. "That Leonardo used the "velature" technique is already known, he himself wrote that in a treaty, but for the first time we have managed to reconstruct his work step by step, like as if watching him while he painted," said Cecilia Frosinini, one of the researchers. "We have been able to understand what type of painting materials he used, how many layers of colors were applied and in what thickness and sequence." ""


So Da Vinci is in the news yet again. They say they've found the way he painted as stated above. You can find that same thing in my book. I said I needed a way to see each layer - which they just developed. I also theorized that this was how he painted - layer by layer. Only they aren't getting the full picture. They think it's for "To create a rich texture" but it's a lot more than that. I guess i'm in no rush to get the rest of what i've found out there but yet again my ideas were right! And yet again someone else is figuring them out with sophisticated equipment, when i just use my intuition. I can't wait for the day I get to work with these people! If you read my book you'll read the exact same description of Da Vinci's technique, and the process needed to discover it... It's kinda bitter sweet, knowing I was right about something, but then not getting credit for it. But I guess each time this happens it will just give me more credibility when the time comes!

I'll be like, yeah that was already in my book BIATCH!! hahahahaha

From Chapter 11 of my book: THE ANSWER

Why Did Da Vinci Use Transparent Oils?
This explains the use of transparent oils. Like looking through steam or smoke it only impedes a certain amount of your vision. If there is just a little steam in a room you can still see THROUGH IT, right? You could also focus on it and the various distances from your eyes to the end of the room. This is why Da Vinci called his technique SFUMATO, which means smoke. Imagine that the paint on the Mona Lisa is made up of individual specs of smoke filling the painting. Some you can see though, others you can not. Depending on where you look and in what direction and orientation you would be able to see different things.

Think of it this way; imagine holding a book whose pages are made out of glass instead of paper. On each page there is a certain image. This image is slightly transparent so you can see though it. Now imagine this book is made up of thousands of pages of glass with different images placed on it. As you open this book you would be turning your way through the Mona Lisa. Or imagine reading each layer by focusing your eyes on each page. Each page is progressing further away from your eyes, right?

Page 1 would be 18.1in away from you eye.
Page 2 - 18
Page 3 – 17.97

"If you could control the dilation of your eyes you could also focus on page 1, then page 2, then page 3 and so on until you saw completely through the entire book. The only thing impeding this would be the previous pages. The further you go - the more smoke there would be making it hard to see through. This is why when you look at the Mona Lisa and stare at it without blinking - it seems to change and move and turn into different images. You’re eyes are searching for things to focus on, recognize, and try to understand what they are seeing. Chances are, if you’re seeing something in the Mona Lisa it’s really there.

In some of the x-rays they’ve seen Mona’s hair up in a bun and her hands in different positions. They thought it was because Da Vinci changed his mind but I believe they are part of the technique. I think she’ll move around and change as you stare at the painting and focus on various layers inside of it. I’ve personally seen it change to show her holding her belly as she would if she’s pregnant and look back behind her as well. (Imagine her with a big belly and it makes sense) Her hair also changes and so does her expression.

This is just like seeing different objects in the clouds. Obviously they couldn’t be a unicorn or giraffe as they might appear but they sure can look like one right? A painting is quite different from a cloud because it was created to look specifically like something. Unlike a photograph or picture, a painting is in complete control of the painter. If he is painting clouds - lets say- if you see a unicorn in those painted clouds it’s probably because he painted it that way. OR you’re just thinking something looks like something. It’s hard to know if what you’re noticing is the artist’s intent or your mind is just making it up. BUT it’s fairly safe to say that if you’re seeing something, it’s for a reason. That’s the purpose of a painting, to be seen. They want you to not only find their waldo - their point - but also as many other waldos they want to put in the painting!"


Imagine you have a can of 3 different colored paints and a piece of paper. Red, green, and blue, Now imagine that you paint an x across the paper with red. Then let it dry and then painted a circle over it in green – let that one dry. Now finally a plus sign + over both of those in blue. Then let that dry. Continue doing that for 10 years and what do you think it would look like? Brown!– but think about it more. It probably would be really thick and really weird looking BUT if you were to take a picture of it and process it you could see

x o + x o + x o + x o + x o + x o + x o + x o + x o + x o + x o

Because they would all be reflected back at different times. If you took each of those pictures and put them together in a reel (like a roll of film) you could see a basic animation of x’s and o’s and +’s. Now take that a couple giant leaps forward and imagine you’re the greatest painter of all time. You knew that you could do this and that that would happen. So you don’t just paint x’s and o’s but the worlds first movies! After all that’s how the first cartoons were created, people drew picture after picture and it made sense to our eyes and brain so we could see it. Da Vinci figured this out a loooooong time before anyone else (that we know of) but instead of drawing animations he painted them. It might sound far fetched but it’s not at all – it’s just something we wouldn’t expect possible from so long ago. We don’t know how they build the pyramids but they did, didn’t they?


And from Chapter 15: The Future. I explain what would be needed in order to see the individual layers. This is exactly what they've done in the article posted above. The technology needed is already there and being used on Da VInci's paintings, they just dont know what to look for. Helllo!!! Email me ! info@itsjustlife.com I think it's kinda obvious i kinda know what i'm talking about!! Even though I dont know how i know hahaha

"Second we’d have to find a way to see each layer individually. Remember how I explained the Mona Lisa to be like a book and each layer was a page? We’ll have to develop a way to separate the painting into each page/ layer. This could be done with light and measuring how it’s reflected off the painting. Like how an ultra sound sees’s a baby inside the womb. It’s measuring the distance the sound reflects back like a dolphins sonar. We would have to do this with the light being reflected off the painting. An MRI machine might be able to do this! I’ve actually seen different high tech scans of the actual painting that confirm my ideas. In one of them it actually looks like the Mona Lisa is a real person and shows her as an x-ray would show someone alive. You can see her skull and bones underneath. I wouldn’t be surprised if in one of the paintings, or set of layers there is an actual representations of her anatomy. As if Da Vinci, with 3 dimensional layers, painted her from back to front, including the bones and tissues. Another intuitive hunch. "

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