A lady in Texas found a dead chupicabra on the side of the road. I knew that blood licking, goat munching, chicken licker was real! There were too many reports of it that made no sense at all. There are no known animals that fit the description and way too many people seeing the same thing. WtF is it though? A retarded little monkey thing? Or some kind of bat creature? I mean what kind of animal is it most like? A weasel? It didn't have much hair though. The only mammals without much hair are humans and elephants and obviously it's not an elephant! There are hairless rats and dogs but those are usually bred that way. Maybe it's like an escaped hairless dog from mexico that evolved into a blood sucking monster? hmmm That's what it looks like to me. Like an ugly pig had a baby with a mexican hairless dog? It's so gross

Iran and Gambia (i think) announced that they found an herbal cure for AIDS. Now that's good news! Lets get that stuff out there! But what's interesting about it is the guy who found it said his ancient ancestors told him in a vision.. In that country they do this psychedelic drug that gives them visions - SEE drugs aren't all that bad. And if they really did find a cure for AIDS then how would you explain the vision? There is actually a drug produced inside our own brain that is very similar to the one he used. I forgot what it's called so i'll do another post on it later. It's kinda like lsd but naturally occurring in our bodies and produced in a part of the brain that's linked to visions/ dreams etc. When people take it they claim to talk to people from other world! There is a book about a professor who did studies and gave high doses to test subjects and recorded their visions and experiences. I need to read the whole book but from what i read about it, it's pretty weird. But the question is! Are they communicating with some ____ (spirit, god, ancestor, alien etc) whatever, or with a part of themselves? hmmm


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