The Bug Whispererer

A couple of days ago I was in my back yard tanning when I saw a cricket laying on it's back, but still twitching a little. I went to look at it up close to see if I could help it. I was like, if it's alive why doesn't it turn over? So I helped it up and over, but it just kinda stayed in one spot. I went to go get a piece of bred and got it wet and put it in front of it. It went up to it and ate a little bit but then just kinda wandered away and down into a crack in the cement. I got a leaf and covered it so the sun wouldn't kill it and let it be.

LAST Night, I was coming home at night and walked into my kitched, there was a HUGE at least 3" long cockrock running away as I came in! I was like, bastard, I'm going to put you outside! (We have had bug people come out, I dont live in a ghetto house at all, they are just stubborn) So anyways, I saw it run under this small marble table thing in there so i got a paper towl to catch it and put it outside. I turned the table over and I couldnt' see it so i draged the table out to the atrium so it could just run away. Once I did that I even sprayed some water on it with a hose to get it out, but I guess it wasn't there.. So whatever, it must have ran away!

TONIGHT. I'm getting ready to go out clubbin and went into my bathroom to take a shower, (I had just been in there maybe 5 minutes before) and RIGHT in front of the door in the bathroom was that same cockroach on it's back!!! wtf? So I was like, Mom moM! you've gotta go look in my bathroom! (I had told her about the cockroach the night before and stopped her from spraying it) She was like, woww. So I was like - do you think it's dead? and she moved it a little, and it was definitely still alive but didnt' turn over, it just moved it's legs a little. So i got an empty toilet roll, pushed it in there and put it outside.

I am the bug Whispererer
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