Ok I saw something on the news yesterday about people thinking Brintey Spears should loose her babies because she gives them Doritos and Diet Coke... which isn't even worth commenting on. People are making her go crazy! They are making me go crazy just listening to their psycho babbel. She needs to move to dubai or something for a while for her own good. These superficial stupid americans are getting so warped it's rediculous. There is more going on in the world than Briney Spears abusing her babies with doritos. WTF

What about kids that are starving to death? Actually beat up and kicked around? Without millionare parents? Oh no, fuck that, lets focus on poor britney spear's kids who are drinking diet coke!!?? again WTF?

Doritos vs. Baby playing with deadly cobrah? Hmmmmm...

This thing would have to have it's teeth removed or that baby would have been dead in .2 seconds. But still, I'm not sure I would let my little Ambrose Emmerson Bair play on the floor, let alone near a snake until he/she's

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