Whhhhat is a map?

Thank you very much South Carolina, I needed that more than you woul.. could know..

Wow. What to say about this? What not to say?

1/5 of US Americans couldn't point out their own country on a map?? wow... is that true? could that be true? I guess it could be, but I might not have beleived that before watching this video or hearing her answer... I have a feeling she is one of them, although she might not even know what a map is..

I think what she was trying to say, wasn't that other countries need our help with edukation like "South Africa" "Iraqies" and "Asian" countires (hahahahahahahaha they're probably smarter than us!) but that we need to provide more maps to those in need....

But yet, I some how doubt that any school in the US, or any country for that matter doesn't have a map... maybe no globes, at least a skribble of a map - right?

Although i think it might have something to do with the education systems because there is NO way I would have been able to get through any of the 11 schools i've been to without knowing where the United States was on a map!!

but wait.. I have a very funny story about this, and it might help put the blame off our education system and on well.. i guess i couldn't tell you. My friend, who i'll leave anonomous once told me that she once thought that the entire world was the shape of the United States.. which is a little better I guess... She used to think that China or another country was actually somewhere on the US Map - like where New York would be. Australia would be like - where FLorida is... something like that. This was up until she was in HIGH SCHOOOL? And actually she's not "stupid" at all. Maybe there is a geographical dyslexia or something?

Like not paying attention to the details, or the big picture.. or anything at all? hmm

Unfortunatly i'm not one of those, I could probably draw and label most of the world - maybe not all those little European countries but the majority.. Maybe i'll try that right now to test myself.

Whether i'm funny to anyone else or not - eh. I find myself very amuzing. If it wasn't for my sense of humor I would be on the couch with my mom spoon feeing me prozac watching the muppet babies... With all the crazy things I think about, that end up not being so crazy. All the coincidences that end up turning into .. well whatever they are. I'll be like sitting here, looking for hidden images in ancient art, listening to theta wave mp3's, and then writing about what I think God and the tree of knowledge is - at the same time. If I couldn't look at myself, and find that oddly funny, and thouroughly entertaining yet interesting - I wouldn't be who I am. and I am the next socrates dammit hahahahahahahhahahahahaa

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