Vitruvian Man - Shroud of Turin

A lot of people who hear about this and the Last Supper Hidden images are probably skeptical - the main complaint would be that the images created are just coincidental - which is totally understandable! I actually thought the same thing at first - how do you know that when an image is mirrored on itself the images that are made aren't just a fluke? I would say Raphael's "Madonna With a fish" is the most convincing to me. It's on an earlier post so scroll down. She looks just like a mermaid when it's mirrored on itself. Which could also be coincidental but seeing that it's called "madonna with a fish" it's pretty interesting - no?

Another example is the image above. It's Da Vinci's most famous drawing the Vitruvian man. The image to the right is it normally - to the left mirrored on itself. Notice it stays in focus and facing forward. This could be the symmetry of the drawing but there is more to it than that. If you didn't know Da Vinci wrote mirrored.. which is pretty convincing evidence in itself. But here's another. There is something called the "Shroud of Turin" which is said to be the single most studied human artifact. It's suppose to be the burial shroud of Jesus. Again this is it normally (but inverted - which is interesting in itself) and then mirrored on itself. Notice how the mirrored version is even more clear than the original and some object form going down the center, one being a cross. There are many who believe Da Vinci created the Shroud of Turin - i'm one of them and give some VERY interesting evidence in my book. It aligns and combines with his drawing of the Vitruvian man. The title is also inside the name. "Turin I am" with extra letters - now I probably have it slightly off and he wouldn't have used English - duh. But Vitruvian isn't english and would be the same so the rest is probably something in another language I dont know - but the main point being they combine and align - and has the name inside the title - big coincidence. Vitruvian was an architect which is where the name comes from, he did studies on the proportions in the human body.

I talk about the Shroud more in Chapter 5 of my book: Pre-Science

This is one of the images thats made when both are combines. YOu'll notice in this one that you can see the top of the head - as if looking down.. pretty interesting right? Da Vinci always drew his anatomy from 3 different perspectives. Above, below, and from the side. I think when the two images are combined, and then positioned right - it unlocks these other perspectives or views. I haven't figured it out totally yet but this image does show what looks like a view from above. I also think the notches along the bottom has something to do with the alignment.

This is both of them combined again. I think it's fairly safe to say that these were created to combine, or even if they weren't these images are even more amazing being a coincidence. Da Vinci knew and was friends with the Royal Family of Turin so this is not a far stretch. Also, I give credit to Da Vinci for the very technical process that would be involved in creating the shroud in my book - via the Mona Lisa. There are also people who have proved the Shroud Could be created by the materials and knowledge available back then - and was definitely in Da Vinci's repertoire!

Point being: Mirroring and multiple point perspectives was used by Da Vinci - they are evident in these two images, and in the Last Supper. Read Chapter 5 from my book "Discovering Da Vinci's Daughter" for more!
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