I just had my first interview! I think it went well. It's with Saddleback Valley News which is the local paper in Lake Forest. I can't WAIT until my old work gets it hahahaha I dont think anyone there believed that I was really writing a book!

Speaking of which. Last night I outlined a totally new version. So yet again... i'm going to have to re-write my book. God, it's been literally 4 times now, not to mention the small refinements and editing. I was thinking of changing the title to "Dimmi" which is what Da Vinci would write to get his pen going. I think it means "Tell me" so it's like asking a question.

Where as my last book(s) were written to this imagined audience of judgemental skeptics. This new version is going to be written without any other expectations other than those i place on myself. A book that I would want to read. Since the biggest compliments i get are from the interjections, i'm going to focus more on them, and tell the whole story of this last year of my life... Get ready for some ups, and downs. and highs, and lows. and not much in-between!

I left SO Many things out to avoid any prejudices people might have. But you know what, fuck it! I'm going all out. If people dont like it, it's just tooo bad, the truth is all we really have.

When you're designing a car, you dont design it for current trends or it will be obsolete as it's rolling off the line. So you design it for about 4 years in the future. It's going to be written to the future. Even if people don't "get it" today, they will someday!

I always come back to the same things. To the same compulsions and adversions. Everything keeps guiding me away from going forward, but to go back to what I started. Finish your book Derek... and do it right this time
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