UFO Haiti

WTF is this? A lot of people are saying it's fake because the palm trees look the same. But they are moving with the wind? And if they are the same does that mean they are the same because they are digitally put there? or because they are props?

But first of all this is like tranformers quality graphics that's been recorded on a handi cam. How could someone make this? I dont' think it could be made with a model and props, digitally - yes. But if it is computer generated its REALLLY Good. LIke star wars quality good. That stuff takes weeks if not months to create.

There are also other lights in the sky that meet the two you see fly by the camera. The "ufo" also look how you would imagine them to really look. Not flying disks but detailed.

IF this is real then it beggs the obvious question. Is this an "alien" or is this a man made craft? I think we have the ability to make something like that so it could be some man flying that thing.

I'm usually really good at spotting computer generated images, both fake photo shopped stuff and CGI in movies. Someone either spent a LOT of time on this, or it's real. Cause to me it actually looks real..

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