The Rosslyn Stave Angel - Music Cipher

Woooow. This is just crazy! When you make certain sounds and vibrations it corresponds to different symbols and shapes! This video shows these carvings from a chapel that demonstrate this!

These symbols look really similar to some of the images i've made from Da Vinc's art too! I wonder if they make sounds?

Another really interesting aspect to this are brain waves. Sound and light are both made out of waves of energy. There are certain waves of energy going on inside your brain as well. Beta, Theta, etc. They are activated during different mental states. When you're sleeping, when you're thinking, when you're meditating etc.

There is even something called Synthestasia (sp?) where people's senses are mixed up. They see sounds, hear tastes etc. If you think about it they might not just be "seeing" random sounds but actually seeing sounds as they actually are. Your brain is able to turn a sound into an image. If you hear a dog bark - you know what a dog looks like (pretty much)

If you think about how all of this comes together - how a blind person perceives the world - what our dreams are made of. They are all connected. This is just one way of showing it.

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