More Last Suppers

Someone sent me these pictures. They depict the "Last Supper" some seem to be inspired by the description in the bible, but one definitely seems to be inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci's Painting. These are around 30 years old and done before the "Da Vinci Code" so it's very interesting to note how feminine they made the person right next to Jesus. Why? If they were to look at Da Vinci's painting as inspiration, why would they keep what's suppose to be a man -looking like a woman? These aren't perfect replicas so they decided as artists to keep it feminine. OR if they didn't use the painting of the Last Supper as reference - again why make that character look like a woman? there are even hints of boobs! Not only that but in one "she" is resting her head on Jesus. If that's suppose to be a man it's just as controversial as it being a woman if you think about it. Thanks for the pictures Mike!

This one was made in Jerusalem.

This one was made in Italy


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