More Images from the Last Supper

I call this one the "Great Ape"notice how it looks like there is blood running down it's wrists... and also interesting is the use of an Ape - evolution etc (not even considered back in Da Vinci's day) and the fingers pointing up... ????

I've exaggerated the place where it looks like he's holding a baby bundle over his shoulder.
Looks like a body facing forward holding something.

Please check out my friend La Jan's Web site, she's been working on images inside Da Vinci's art for a long time too! She has information and images about the Last Supper, and other Da Vinci paintings and drawings - VERY intriguing stuff that helps confirms what i've been finding too!


Anonymous said…
Reaching a little bit with your manipulation of images?
Derek Bair said…
Hard to say for sure.

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