The Lioness Laying with the Lamb:

A part taken from my upcoming revised version of my book.

In Africa, in some African country and some African plain, there is a Lioness. She’s quite famous now, not for her furosity but for her compassion. A compassion strong enough for her to be deified by the local tribesman. It started as an unbeleiveable story of a Lion that adopted a baby gazzel. The tribesman said it was a miracle, the scientists said it was a fluke, and I say it’s a sign. At first they thought she was just playing with it, toying with it before she would eat it. Sometimes a lion will be confused if an animal doesn’t run away from it, so it’ll just push at it until it does – then it attacks it and finishses it off. Many thought this was the case- the gazzel did not run, the Lion was confused. They said the Lioness had emotional issues because of how her pride taught her, maybe her mother didn’t love her enough? Whatever the situation, there she was. Watching over, playing with, cuddling with this little baby gazzel. Being unable to leave it to hunt for herself, or feed the gazzel herself they both went without food, on the brink of starvation. Both being only skin and bones and neither having eaten in weeks youcould only imagine the internal struggle going on inside the Lioness. Starved, yet taking care of something that would normally be her food. Everyone thought it would only be a matter of time before her desire to eat would overpower her need to nurture, but yet that time never came.. She never hurt the baby and it was only when the baby left her side to look for food itself that other lions swooped in and devoured it. You might think that would be the end of this tale, but tis not!

The lioness went on to adopt several more baby gazzels, never hurting them. Some starved to death, and some were taken by other lions. If that wasn’t bitter sweet enough – the desire to love which killed the thing loved. There was one even bitter still – one baby that she took as her own, loved, and then returned to it’s own mother. To love, to loose.. a mother giving up it’s child for its’ own sake. Love may be confusing, it may drive you crazy and make you think it’s lows make it’s highs obsolete, but when you love the things you loose, and you remember that love – you never really loose it. And that’s the story of the Lion Laying with the Lamb. If she can do that, then maybe it’s time for us to do the same thing… stupid humans

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