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I've gotten a couple emails with some questions and advice, which I really appreciate! But one of which was about this picture which of course begs the question - IF this was Da Vinci's design and intention why would he have wanted Jesus to look like this, which I would say looks like an "alien" Now I know there are all kinds of crazy connotations when anyone uses the words alien in a literal, real-life sense. It evokes all kinds of thoughts of UFO's and imagined stories of lights in the air. So let me discuss this subject tentatively and trying not to loose any credibility or validity. These are just thoughts and an attempt to explain something unexplainable. In my book I credit the ability to contemplate something without accepting it or believing it fully as one of the greatest abilities a great thinker can have. You can't be afraid or ashamed of thinking something - it could be right. It could be wrong. So just think about it.

With the validity of Da Vinci's art having hidden images in it increasing as people are testing it out and finding and seeing the same things independently. (These can be created in a few very simple steps in photoshop and are not fabricated at ALL) It follows that if an image is created in this process that Da Vinci designed, that other images you find could also be intentional. A baby, templar knights, chalices, etc- are things that would be a HUGE coincidence to be found in a painting with those themes, and the sex of the person to Jesus's right in question. It's like having a painting of Noah's arch, that shows hidden images of animals in it when you mirror it on itself - most likely not a coincidence. So when you add in that Da Vinci wrote mirrored and talked about them VERY Specifically in his journals - it adds to the validity of the images created when this happens. I would very easily admit that there could be fluke images as well, just products of our imagination and certain colors and shapes mixing like seeing images in clouds - yes of course.

BUT what I want everyone reading this who has doubts about these hidden images and everything i've found - think about WHAT IF it is true? Put aside your doubts, your skepticism for just a moment. I'm not trying to write an intriguing story or want these things to be true to conflict with religion or anyone's beliefs - that is NOT my intention. I had no intentions. I stayed up for 3 days in a row and went crazy, saw things in old paintings and then spent an entire year of my life trying to understand them. I would be a skeptic myself, I have been every step of the way, but there was a point where I just gave in. I started to trust my intuition, after I found another painting that was painted BEFORE the Mona Lisa that combined with her perfectly - and who's title was annagramed in her title... I was like. I can't just be imagining this! So I thought for one of the first times ever - I might be right. I might be a lil crazy - but I might be right too!

Thats why I included "Interjections" between each chapter in my book - so everyone could understand that I wasn't trying to write a book to try to copy the Da Vinci code or make up some stuff to trick people into buying it. EVERY Single thing i've done has gone through my own doubt and skepticism. That's why it's taken so long, That's why I've never made a single phone call to try to get what i've found out there - I doubted myself every single step of the way. I think it's led to a very honest and concise book and I think in the end ill be better off to be cautious. The hardest part was thinking i've found this amazing discovery - only to have EVERYONE dismiss it. I'm just a 24 year old using a book and "discoveries" as a way to get out of working and the "real world"

So as I lay on the ground with the cheapest lap top Best Buy had, with duct tape holding in the power cord that broke off. In what will be my un-born nephews room, with painted animals on the wall. With 7$ on the dresser next to me as the only money I have. I've lost everything to writing this book. I dont say that as a sob story but to show how much i've invested in all of this. Something I never even knew about.. or intended to ever do. Something that it seems someone else choose for me to do. So I dont know! I just want people to know that I'm genuine about all this. It may not be my "life's work" but it's a year's work! And that's a long time to spend on something and not getting paid for!

But back to Jesus looking like an alien! Did Da Vinci intend for him to look this way? And if he did, did he intend for him to look like an "alien" what would he imagine an alien to look like? Did anyone even consider aliens to be real back then? Or even imagined the concept of people-ish things not from earth? Could there have been people who looked like this? What's VERY interesting about this image in particular isn't just that he appears to be not human, but that there are fingers pointing up right next to him - right? I didn't put them there, I didn't try to make it look like this. It's just an image that is created when the mirrored image is placed on itself. So assuming that this was Da VInci's intention - ??? What was he trying to say?

This is the First painting ever that I mirrored on itself. It's by Bernardino LUINI Which is very interesting because look how close that name is to Leonardo Da Vinci. But anways. It was an image in a Da Vinci book I had just bought.

When I first saw it, I was like? What is he doing with his hand? pointing to the jewel in his shirt? (Since when did Jesus ever wear nice clothes?) and what does his expression mean? 1, 2? For some reason I was like, Well maybe this should be mirrored on itself~! And if you look at the painting next to it's mirrored self and look back and forth really quickly you can see what i mean. It almost makes an animation/ and you can see what looks like 1 -2 -1 -2. Something like that. So then I mirrored it on itself and got the image above them. I hadn't slept in 2 days at this point and I was like OMAlien! Seeing as this was the first time I had mirrored anything on itself I couldn't help but doubt that it was suppose to viewed like that. I was thinking: Am I just seeing things, or could it possibly be intended to be seen like this?

This was another image I noticed. It looks like a hooded figure holding something between its hands and some kind of wing like thing on it's arms. Again I was like, wait is this real? Or just a fluke?

I ended up making this that first night for some reason I just kept trying different things.

I originally started with this image because of it's use of red and blue and I had just watched "Medium" in 3d a few days before. I was thinking that maybe the red and blue in the painting were there for a reason - I knew NOTHING about paintings.

I was really confused and didn't understand if it was just me or it was suppose to be seen like that. Even later when I found other images in mirrored paintings that had to be more than a fluke, I'm still unsure about this one. BUT I wasn't just seeing what I wanted to see. I didn't want to see an alien! I didn't want to see anything or expect to see anything. I wasn't looking for hidden images at all. I was thinking it would make a fun animation going by his hands. But yeah, that's how all this started for me! And is also in my book! I describe it in more detail in my 7th interjection.

The only other things that are interesting to me about the idea of Jesus being portrayd to look like an "alien" is what "alien" really means? Not from earth? Whether you believe in evolution or creation we came from or were created from something not from here. God created earth - then placed man here. Or The earth was created and man evolved here - or came here. If you take the bible literally and keep in mind you also have to apply the rules of reality to them. Angels and heaven are technically Space and "aliens" in a way. Most would agree that you can't go looking for God in space right? But then where is heaven? "separated the heavens from the." heaven is space. God is in heaven! To me there is a huge division between science and religion that is just stupid. There is only one truth. We're here. We can't prove or disprove God. Some people only think the bible is a story written by man to describe God. Others believe the bible was written through man by God. And others don't think it's anything but a creation myth like the countless others - some of which pre-dating it. So the more you think about it, the more you have to keep thinking, and reading, and researching - with no real end in sight. The point being that no matter what you believe to be true or not, doesn't mean it's true or not. You can have total faith in something, only to find out it's false. You can totally dismiss something, only to find out it's true. We need to work together to figure out what the truths are, instead of arguing our individual beliefs.

So keep an open mind! It's just art, it's just that artists opinion, it's just life!

Thanks Mr. Anderson! haha


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