"It takes some lost before you're found"

I've been making a lot of new email friends lately who have been very cool! I finally have some people to talk to about things I'm actually interested in opposed to normal-boring-everyday-drama-bullshit which just annoys the hell outta me!
I'm more interested in how and why we're alive than what you're going to wear that day or who didn't call you back soon enough! Blah blah blah. What if you die tomorrow? Your whole life was spent doing nothing but bitching! haha

So this is an example of what I think and talk about with people who are deeper and smarter than a very shallow pool..

I'm also working on the ideas and theories it's going to take to explain something that I think a lot of people have been trying to for thousands of years. How the hell did we get here? How were we able to go from the first automobile to landing on the moon in 100 years? Why were the ancient civilizations even more advanced in some ways than our own? What happened? Why are there carvings of planes and helicopters? Why can some ancient art only be viewed from the sky? What the freak are crop circles and Stone Hedge? How do you explain telepathy and psychic phenomena?

Although there seems to be a lot of different things we need to know to explain just one of these things - I actually think there is this one elusive truth in the world we're missing that just might explain everything! Some call it God, some call it science, some call it nature, aliens, supernatural, magic, some simply call it life - but it's the same thing really.


There are so many connections between pretty much everything. Sounds, images, waves, light etc. I was thinking last night while watching animal planet. Everything alive is just SO similar. 2 eyes, 4 legs, a tail. We all breath and eat - reproduce. Life is life I guess!

I'm starting to think that the images i'm making are very similar to the images made in the mind when dreaming. If you think about what it is we're actually perceiving during a dream - (obviously not real images based off light) - what are they made of? If you could take a picture or paint exactly what you were seeing when you were dreaming what would that look like? Would that be the same for everyone? Do we all dream in the same type of "vision?"

When you press gently on your eyes you'll notice patterns of light that look like energy and stuff, Sometimes when your face is under the water in a shower you see them too. They look similar to the images above - dont they? Not as detailed though!

I think there are universal symbols and sounds and colors that have a universal meaning. Red green blue. Water is always blue. The sun is red etc. A baby innately recognizes the shape of a face. Some animals instinctively know what a snake is and to stay away from it. There seems to be a common theme to all of this - an instinctual knowledge. Instinctes and innatue knowledge comes from our DNA. Our DNA is basically a ladder of informatoin that's been pileing up for as many generations as you have great great great great x309823098 parents that potentially goes back to the very first form of life. That bacteria that turned into a jelly fish that turned into a shell fish that turned into an amphibian that turned into a reptile that turned into a mouse that turned into a monkey that turned into a big ape that turned into the first human, that turned into you. Something like that. But not just each time there were big jumps, but every little generation that survived added to the information locked inside your DNA. It's interesting that when a baby is developing from a couple cells to a full on human it seems to go through all the previous stages of evolution in a few months. From a single cell, to many, to having what look like gills and a tail, to finally who you are now. Even if you beleive we were created, doesn't change the fact that DNA holds knowledge and evolution still took place every since creation - either way it's still the same process. Everything is just matter that's been formed through information and energy. We're all made out of the same things. They can actually combine the dna of an animal and plant so that just goes to show that we're all connected. That also makes it pretty obvious that huge jumps in evolution could have happened by vastly different species and things combining. Not just through breeding but by some other means. The angler fish doesn't actually have sex! The male fish bites the girl fish and they actually combine together - he literally gets sucked into her and is left as a bump on her side! Isn't that crazy? Plants can hybridize too, they cut off a piece of one and attach it to another and it can grow and actually create a new hybridized seed?! Think about how many times that could have happened over millions of years. Species and plants and who knows what else have been mixing and matching and combining, separating, hybridizing over and over and over.

Something else i've thought about that makes a lot of sense are "alien" species coming here and combinging with what's already been here as well. I'm not talking about space ships and spok! I'm talking about bacteria, and plant seeds, and animals/ genetic information. There are some little animal things that could actually survive in deep space. There is rock eating bacteria. Who says that all the life on earth evolved or came from earth? If there is other life ANYWHERE else in the universe, and it could survive the trip and landing - it could still be there. Hey that could be where we came from! It would also make sense that if there was ever life on Mars they (it) could have packed up and came over here! They could have even helped to form the earth. One thing i'll say about our planet - is that it definitely seems designed! 90% of the world agrees and thinks God created it. There are too many weird coincidences about our world for it to just be some random - opps- here's a perfect place to life. I mean we're making revolutions around a giant ball of ignited gas - yet I dont even feel like i'm moving. The Moon just happens to revolve around us and only shows us one side. When there is an eclipse it perfectly covers up the sun? We have weather in some places thats ideal for life? We're damn lucky!

Another thing that I'll have to get into more details with later on since this is already too long for a "blog" is an idea i've thought of since I was a little kid. If you were to crash land on a new planet like in Planet of the Apes- then how long would it take you to create a society to get back home? You kinda know how a TV works but could you make one from scratch? You kinda know how a car is made - but could you make one yourself? So you see how much it really took for us to get where we are. There were certain steps we had to take first, before we could get to the next one, but it all seems to be leading up to space travel as the last great leap for man kind - right? I guess I could call this my Gilligans Island theory! haha Also think about how easily it would be for these explorers/ settlers/ crash landers to forget where they came from after a few generations let alone thousands? Especially after a few bad and selfish rulers came along. Think of all the writing that has been lost and history damaged and changed because of the idiots in charge? Writing is almost always biased, history is always biased and even totally fabricated. So how do we really know who or what to believe? Especially when it's about something that no one might really know at alll... There were other creation myths before Adam and Eve - so who's to say which is right? Maybe none of them are? Maybe we're just now getting to the point where we have the ability to re-claim that knowledge. Both through technology and working together (internet) and understanding the untapped information trapped inside our own bodies in our dna! I have a feeling that we've been looking in all the wrong places to answer all our biggest questions, when we already have the answers inside of us...


I think Da Vinci was figuring this out and left it behind in his art. They wouldn't be letters as much as symbols and visual based ideas. Although we might not be able to consciously understand all of them I think there are parts of us that do. Think about it like painting your mind, or painting your instincts! Animals might not be able to communicate with words we can understand but I think that their actual thoughts (the images inside their minds and emotoins and memories) are the same as ours. They dream the same things we do at night. Just because we can't understand each other doesn't mean that we dont have the same understanding - if that makes sense. It's like if you were to go try to communicate with some tribe of indians that's never seen or heard of the modern world. You might not be able to understand each other - but they still have the same understanding and though processes. Different yet, the same!

Whenever I'm looking at the images i'm making and Da Vinci's painting for any length of time my mind will start to come up with all kinds of ideas almost as if i was reading a book. It's like if you look at something, you're brain will start to try to figure out what it's seeing. If you knew how to tap into that innate knowledge - the visual processes that the mind uses to work - then you could paint it for other people to understand. Have you heard of Daniel Tammet? He's an autistic savant who actually sees the answers to math problems in his head as shapes and colors. I've seen similar things before but couldn't understand what they were - which is pretty interesting because they are suppose to be from my head right? haha Also if you give any credit at all to telepathy, especially how twins and people who are really close to each other know when something bad happens RIGHT when it does even from half a world a way. What is it that is actually exchanging between them? Is it traveling through the air? By what means? If that is true, which is very possible (think about cell phone signals) then there is a certain type of information that is being transmitted. What is that made out of? It's some type of information but it has to be interpreted and accepted by the brain. If you were to break that down into a certain type of _____ piece of information I guess you could say. I think that's what it is that's held in Da VInci's art. Turning thoughts into pictures/ paintings! And these images would be potentially, universally understood.. but of course there are some circumstances that have to happen for this to happen!

  1. You have to actually see it - and be able to manipulate images (either in your mind or on a computer)
  2. You have to be mentally capable of understanding it (some people aren't as able as others, IQ, memory ability, visual thinking etc. )
  3. You have to have the the time - if you cant dedicate large amounts of time to studying and researching something you can't understand it
  4. You have to be interested in it
  5. Society and culture has to allow for it. Free time, no war, the right resources etc.
I mean who has the time to sit around and think about the stuff that would be required to do all of this? I do! hahaha But it just goes to show that there are certain circumstances and a certain type of person that would be required to figure all this out. In my book I try to explain why it is that some people become einsteins's and newtons while there are others who never even read a single book!? Is there really something special about these men? (and it's not surprising it's almost only been men - not because of intelligence but opporunity, women couldn't even go to school for most of history) Or were they just in the right place, at the right time, with a capable brain and body? Could anyone do the same thing given the same circumstances?
There seems to be an innate passion for learning and the truth that all these great thinkers share. They aren't content with the current explanation for the world, so they attempt to find the truth. And each time they try - they do. Little by little, great thinker by great thinker - each time the momentum builds because each NEW great thinker has all the life's work of each who has come before them. But the greatest question is - what is this great truth they each try to seek? Is there an end result or single answer to be found?

I mean Da Vinci is considered t0 be the greatest genius who has ever lived. What do you do when you have all that knowledge trapped inside of you in a time where no one else would listen? You paint it in hopes someone, some day could understand it and figure it out!
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