If Liberty Is Dear to you May you never Discover that my face is LOVE'S PRISON - Da Vinci

This is a summary of my findings I had on a previous version of my site.Which I thought I should post since the Last Supper is only a small portion of what I've really found! The image above is Da Vinci's self portrait and the Mona Lisa combined, and then mirrored on itself.

The Mona Lisa is the greatest work of art created by the greatest genius of all time. Leonardo Da Vinci. He painted her 500 years ago. He wrote thousands of pages of journals about almost every subject there is. Anatomy, Philosophy, optics, mechanics, art - the list goes on and on. In all of his journals he seemingly never mentions the Mona Lisa or even titles her. This alone is not just strange but intentional. The title "Mona Lisa" wasn't given until 30 years after Da Vinci died by his first biographer - Vasari. Although there really is a Mona Lisa (Madam Lisa Gioconda) and he could have really painted a portrait of her. The painting we're referring to and is in the Louvre isn't her. She was used for her name and not her face. The Mona Lisa is so popular and actually deserves her fame for many reasons.

Shows that the edges align - answering why the perspective in the background could be "off" or rises on one side inexplicably.

First there is the mystery of who she is. (Which I answer in my book)
Second it's how she was painted - no one knows how he did it. Last year scientists in Montreal did laser 3d scans and after a year of research still couldn't figure out how Da Vinci painted her. (A painting from 500 years ago!) Huh? What does that mean? It means that the painting is SO advanced and meticulous that even today we don't understand his technique (Called Sfumato). There are 3 other paintings underneath her top coat and layers of transparent paint thinner than a human hair. You might wonder - why would someone spend so much time covering a painting over and over again *trust me they weren't mistakes* and then include layers of paint that can't even be seen with the naked eye and are also translucent? Why are there mysteries about a painting from someone who left behind thousands of pages of journals? Why is it the most famous work of art in existence? Why is she behind bullet proof glass? Why could she be potentially worth a billion dollars? Why hasn't anyone been able to answer any of these questions?

The Mona Lisa and Da Vinci's Self portrait combined, They change when you change THE SAME IMAGE'S huge - weird? How could he design it to do that? It also ages!

Da Vinci only left behind a single portrait of himself. This portrait aligns perfectly over the face of Mona Lisa. Why? Most "experts" will tell you it's a coincidence due to his artistic style. This is where my journey began. I read about that and wanted to see if they did for myself. I not only found that they aligned but that they actually combined and were designed too. There is a reason for all the secrecy and coincidences - what I've discovered is all the pieces to a very intricate puzzle that no one has even come close to putting together for 500 years.
Mona & Da Vinci combined.

The night I combined Da Vinci's self portrait and the Mona Lisa led to me staying up for 4 days in a row, not eating, and going what at first seemed "crazy" I later realized after almost a year that all the crazy thoughts I was having weren't crazy at all but ended up being totally correct.
My first theory was that the Mona Lisa is 3d. Which I verified. She is painted like a sculpture - built up layer by layer as if she were real. The translucent paint is there for the space in the painting that is "air" I have pictures in my book that shows this.

My first explanation for his self portrait combining was that the Mona Lisa was him AS a woman, I actually almost finished a book about that. Right as I was finishing up I was considering the other possibilities just to be sure. The other idea that made sense was that it was his Daughter. This would explain why his face would match up - BUT Da Vinci was gay so he never had a real daughter. But that doesn't mean he couldn't have painted what she could have looked like. But then you would wonder who he might have the other parent be. Da Vinci had a lover of 25 years who was nicknamed "Salai" Who's real name was Gian Giacomo Caprotti. (You'll notice how similar His name is to Lisa Gioconda - Giacomo.) Salai's name was used most in all of Da Vinci's journals.

So as I was finishing up my book I wanted to test that theory and found a painting of Salai that's housed in the Alois Foundation, Liechtenstein. The same place another of Da Vinci's sculptures was found hundreds of years later. The painting of Salai has an unknown painter - I prove Da Vinci painted it. It was painted in 1495, at least 7 years before the Mona Lisa. What I found next was totally unexpected but ended up putting all the loose ends together and explain the mystery and secrecy. Not to mention why no one else had ever put this together before.
These can be combined with the naked eye, not just a computer.

This shows half of Salai's face and half of the Mona Lisa.

The painting of Salai not only aligns with the Mona Lisa but also combines. This also means it combines with the Sketch of Da Vinci as well.

(This is all 3 images combined Salai, Da Vinci, Mona Lisa)

For a painting to do this, to combine perfectly with another one is impossible without them being designed so. Not only that but all the clues and coincidences led me to this.

For example. Mona Lisa's title itself re-arranged spells "Mon Salai" (My Salai in French) or "M on Salai" In my book in chapter 2 I go over the title and the other various titles that also allude to this. There is more to it than you could imagine but it's so complicated no one has noticed it before.

This is the Mona Lisa with the painting of Salai mirrored with half of it at a different tranparency. Notice how the side of the face doesn't look like either Salai or the Mona lisa? But a cartoon like image of a little girl? - "Discovering Da Vinci's Daughter"

Next are two quotes from Da Vinci's journals:

"“Therefore make the hair on the head play in the wind around youthful faces, and gracefully adorn them with many cascades of curls.” - Look at Salai's hair. Both Salai and the Mona Lisa are the "youthful faces" and the "hair on the head" is the hair from his self portrait. Play in the wind describes the process of combining them.

"If liberty is dear to you, may you never discover that my face is love's prison"
- Liberty is freedom from captivity. "His face" is his self portrait. "Love's Prison" is a description of everything I've just explained. His face is the key to free his legacy. (when it goes over the Mona Lisa and the painting of Salai - his lover)

The Mona Lisa is an elaborate and complicated way to hide his love of another man from a time and world that would have burned him at the stake.

There are many clues to support this. One of which is the veil that Mona's wearing - in her time only women who were pregnant wore it. This alludes to Da Vinci's and Salai's daughter being born when each "parent' painting combines.

As far fetched as this might seem, the images and composites speak for themselves. They also prove once and hopefully for all who and why the Mona Lisa was painted. The painting of Salai would have HAD to been used in the creation of the Mona Lisa.

In the course of the last year I've been not only slowly putting the secrets of the Mona Lisa together but also some of Da Vinci's other art. The Last Supper and The Shroud of Turin. The Shroud of Turin is said to be the single most studied human artifact and in my book I prove that Da Vinci created it. This theory has been asserted before but I give irrefutable proof and uncover an almost equally fascinating discovery. I also discovered a new way to view both Da Vinci's, Raphael's, and Michelangelo's art that will change how renaissance art is seen forever more. It involves mirrors and stereogram's which weren't discovered until the early 1900's. What I've discovered and can prove will shift the time line of these hundreds of years.

In my analysis of the Last Supper with this new, and remarkably simple technique I support Dan Browns assertions of the sex of the person to Jesus's right. Not only that but show that she's actually holding a baby. As shown in a PAINTING, how that applies to "real life" is not my purgative, it's just an observation.

During the course of this last year each discovery seemed to lead to another. I've refrained from releasing any of this to the general public until I completed my book. Now that I have i'm trying to announce what i've found and promote my book. Since I came about all this randomly and had to teach myself everything it's been an interesting experience. In my book I not only explain my findings but also document the past year from my perspective. I've interwoven something unique to literature which i'm calling "interjections" which are my personal account of the experience.

In the process i've also realized I have aspergers syndrome which is a form of high functioning autism. This is what I believe has enabled me to find what I have. I also explain why I think Da Vinci was Autistic and have a chapter dedicated to it in my book as well.

All this makes not just for a fascinating read but will surly be the greatest re-discovery ever made. The identity of the Mona Lisa has been a question alluding even the greatest art historians. Since it's considered the greatest work of art, Da Vinci's considered the greatest genius, and the Shroud of Turin is the greatest human artifact you could imagine the impact my book could potentially have. I've anticipated this and included my own agenda within the book and that's to help people. I promote a message of equality and a plea for compassion which I feel is lacking in the world today.

Here are some animations I made to show the different transitions.

The Mona Lisa and the painting of Salai

Shows Salai to Mona with a composite of Da Vinci, Salai, and Mona being flashed over it.

Da Vinci's Self portrait and the painting of Salai

An animation that the Mona Lisa makes, looks like a thing of light going into the earth?

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