I had a Dream

Stare at the very center for a couple min

Last night. I was in a class room called: Death. Where the teacher asked: "What is death?" and different people in the class room answered with different responses. There were even some students trying to figure it out mathematically. After the class was over I went up to the teacher and pulled out a piece of paper I had wrote the night before - when I didn't even know I was going to be having that class. On it I wrote "Death is" with a bunch of scribbles because I wrote it in the dark.. She started to read it, and said that's intriguing and I woke up... What the hell is that about?

I also had a dream I was teaching Arnold Schwarzenegger and a little girl about caterpillars so if that's any indication of how weird my dreams are.. i don't know what is. They are almost always far fetched, entertaining, and very very rarely bad and never nightmares!

What are dreams?

It's so weird that we forget dreams SO quickly. I only remembered these ones because I woke right up after having it and wrote them down.
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