Huff and puff and blow the baby out

Derek, is that really you?
I just texted my brother because he hasn't come trailer yet and it sounds like my new nephew is on the way tonight! That's kinda cool because there is a lunar eclipse tonight - maybe the gravity is doing something? - but also cool because he missed my dads birthday by a day! I know I wouldn't want to share a birthday with that crazy bastard.

I wonder how horoscopes really work? Like how could the positions of the suns and the moon, and the plantes have anything to do with a brain? Isn't the brain already pre-genetically-programmed? The only thing I can think of (So far) is similar (in some way) to crocodile eggs... the temperature of the eggs while incubating makes them either male or female - so it's not genetically pre-determined at birth. So it could be something like that, but instead of temperture it's solar radiation? hahahahaha wtf? There has to be some kind of explanation because there is way too much to all that shit for it to be a big fluke. I'm like a total pisces and have been one since before I knew what one was - so it's not like I try to act like one.

And if that horoscope stuff is true, or somewhat true, then i'm probably so crazy because of not just when - but where I was born. March 9th 1983 are both the 12th sign in the eastern and western zodiacs. We're suppose to make the best parents out of all the combinations there is! AND i was born at realllly high altitude on Big Bear. Now, if the starts and the planets some how influence the baby, the closer you were to that influence *higher up* the more it would affect them... hmmm. but the question I would think is if the influence is AT conception or AT birth? Like with those Crocodile eggs - it's in the start that affects them - NOT at the end. By then they are already formed. That makes a lot more sense with astrology too, i mean when you're coming out your brain is already formed and isn't that much difference an hour after or a day after. So although this doesn't change the signs, it just changes it from the birthday to the conception day. So you're birthday -9months or so. Right? Wrong? Who knows? I dont!

hmmm So a while back I had a dream about little Ethan. I dreampt that as he was coming out they found another baby in there too... It wasn't a full baby though.. so lets hope UNLIKE last nights dream which (of course) came true - that one does not.

It's also an interesting statistic that 1/5 people had a twin, that was re-absorbed during early pregnancy..

I also have a crazy theory about myself that makes a lot of sense and absolutly NO sense at the same time. What if.. kinda like with fetus and fetu (your twin is inside of you) half of my brain is my twin brothers or sisters? Cause that's something that seems kinda possible, although impossible to tell. There are twins with their heads attached who share their brains - literally connected together.. So maybe that's my problem? My brain is like half man, half woman - maybe 1/4 left brained, 1/4 right brained, 1/4 bottom brained, 1/4 top brained. Maybe i have like, an extra mini brain in there? Cause my head is really big, and kinda a weird shape - yet not deformed really. But skull shape is like kinda important to intelligence. The bigger the better. Low brow - high brow. I'm definitely high brow and i have like this cure shape, that reminds me of a dolphin for some reason, that I don't usually see on other people.. and i have like this bump/ rise in my skull right where my hair line starts on the top of my forehead, and I don't think i've ever noticed that on anyone else. Cause you know some people have some really small and weird looking heads, but mine is like big and kinda cool looking - at least to me. And like I remember that they used to be able to tell a lot about a person by their skull shape - not sure what it's called. And different places on the skull and their shapes determine personality and intelligence and stuff like that. I should look into that. I really want an MRI too, I think there might be - no - I know there is something wrong up there. But it might not be "wrong" but definitely different, if you couldnt tell. But how could i know? How do you know if you're like - retarded or something? What if I am, but no one will tell me? hmmmm

I also have a theory, which I wouldn't exactly call a "Theory" but more an amuzing idea - that I'm really a robot... Which I think is hillarious for some reason. I'm like the terminator, but the kid who wants to be real from AI - but not knowing that i'm a machine... maybe like Data from star trek that was designed to grow like a normal person, so i could like, watch all you humans and undertand you, but they couldnt tell me i'm a machine, or I wouldn't be able to understand what it's like to be human cause I would know i'm not... hmmmmm

and no, I am not high or drunk. I really dont think any of that is true, they are more like fun ideas. I have the imagination of a schizophrenic, but the logic of plato, and the creativity of Da Vinci. Not to sound non-modest but I really dont have anyone else to compare myself to. I'm either completely insane, or a completely original intellectual not ahead of his time - but a product of his time. And for those who think i'm crazy - you can find all those ideas and even craizier in movies, on tv, and in the comics I was raised on. So maybe i'm just combining ideas, and have a lot of ideas to choose from? hmmm

If only "you" readers knew... how much i really write, and even more scarry how much I think, what I think about, and what's going to happen in the world in the next few years.. Space hotels, man made artificial life from scratch, the da vinci code 2, our return to mars... and the ideas that are in my head, just itching to be scratched!
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