Damn Paparrazzzzi

I was going through some old pictures and found these. Aww Mini-me~!

"You're either going to be famous or infamous"

So this is why I love elephants so much!

So I dont know how I could get any more white without being an albino! But yet I have hazel eyes and not blue. My parents to SO many pictures of me, it's no wonder I became a photographer. Literally thousands.. and although I hate the papparazzi (however you spell it) its one of my nick names cause I take so many pictures haha. Along with "nipple boaner" and "uncle Genius" .. no comment

Although I post a lot about The Da Vinci stuff and these weird discovories they are only a very recent and very small part of my life. There are SO many other things I want to do, that have taken a back seat to my book. I hope it takes off soon or I figure out what it all means! Or at least make enough money so I can pay off all my debt and start my zoo... I really want an elephant! and to end world hunger. But more on that tomorrow or when I can force-modivate myself! ugh, the lull in the motion is so annoying. Oh and i'm 2 weeks energy drinks sober!!! Go Derek Go!

I'm also reading a book instead of writing one which is a nice change. I'll make a post about it soon. It's really interesting and interestinly ( i love that word) exactly what i've been thinking myself! The book could be summed up with a quote by yours truly:

"Once you know who you are, then you know everything"

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