http://www.itsjustlife.com/transform.gif - To show how i've made these.


Here are the numbers again. 0105.01-> What's interesting is when I tried to re-make this with a different picture of the painting - these Numbers didn't appear. It would take a very high resolution version and done spot on to get it to happen again. Those who know how to use photoshop please try! I know most people who see this assume that I just put those there. But I didn't. I'm going to try using a different file and see If I can duplicate this soon!

So after thinking this could be a fluke, "seeing things as you would in clouds" or purely coincidental - (trust me i've thought about all that excessivly)- noticing these numbers all but seals the deal for me. Yeah there is a cat-ish face that is made. That could be random. But that other face, with a notch in the chin, cheek bones, and all -would be pretty coincidental. But for full on numbers with arrows and decimal points to form - would just be crazy coincidental. When you consider that it's not just a single image that could be formed this way -but the process itself. That there are other paintings and images that are formed from the same process - it all adds up to this being an intentional design. I've spent the last year doing this over and over again. This isn't a cloud. This is a painting - created by the greatest genius who has ever lived.

So after you think - "ok. I admit this is pretty interesting you might be onto something" then what exactly is it? Ok there are numbers in the corner of a painting you mirrored on itself a few times and faces that appear - so what?

  1. How do you designs something this complex with only your mind and paint.
  2. What is he trying to say or what is the meaning? Just for fun?
  3. Is this the right process or is there something else that we're missing?

1. I have NO clue how he (Da Vinci) could design a painting to do this? The only way I can think of would be in his mind. Being able to visualize and plan this out and then execute it so perfectly to allow for this to happen.

2. There would have to be some message for someone to go through all that trouble. Especially without knowing if anyone would ever see it or not. But to know the meaning I would have to figure out how to see it better, this isn't the only image in there.

3. I would think that this is only one "frame" or image out of many that are formed. The painting itself is very big with tons of information contained in each layer and square inch and even cm. A VERY high quality scan would be required for the small details and images to be seen. Not only that but there would have to be another process to unlock it further. I think this is just one step in many. The numbers are there for a reason as well. Either as coordinates or directions. How to move the image, how far? I dont know.

Would a computer be needed to do this? He didn't have computers back then - so there should be a way to do this without one. OR he designed it for the future and anticipated new technology. BUT for those numbers to appear - it means it's definitely suppose to be in that form to some degree. How could he have done that back then? - mirrors? Mind? Optics? - hmmm

Comments or ideas besides "stop seeing things that aren't there, get a life" are appreciated! "seeing things that aren't there" is impossible in an image anyone can see the same way idiot. Either i'm miss interpreting something or seeing something as something else but obviously not "seeing something that's not there" duhhh. and how does one "get a life"? I'm pretty sure i already have one, if not I would be dead - which is also possible.

Is this hell?

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