Through These Hazel Eyes

This is the cover and back cover to my photography book "Through These Hazel Eyes" It'll be available as soon as it uploads properly to It takes over an hour for the document to upload, and then - of course- there was an error so i've had to do it two more times. There are over 300 pictures in it so it's a big file. It represents over 7 years of pictures, 4 countries, and I'm really proud of it. Especially since i'm self taught and never taken a single photography class. Hopefully someone somewhere will want to buy it! It'll make a really cool coffee table book or gift. I think it's very eclectic but has a style to it all it's own.

Once I have this book up and ready to sell I'm going to work on my next one that will be a lot more appealing and I should actually be able to sell. It's a book about YOU! haha It shouldn't take too long to finish. So that's book number 3! woo hooo

I also had a single book printed that has all the various writing I wrote over the last year. It was 554 pages and not something I would want anyone else to read. It'll get me modivated for the next book that was the book I originally quit my old life over a year ago to write. It's just life - right?
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