There is no Hell, well besides life.

A toddler wasn't allowed to use a pool at a trailer park because he has AIDS. The parents were upset. The pool managers wanted a note from a doctor to make sure it was ok. The parents, obviously not that bright, made a fuss about it instead of just getting the note and it made the news. First, the pool managers didn't know about AIDS and would get in a lot more trouble had someone in their pool gotten AIDS than asking for a note. Second, you can't transmit AIDS by anything the boy could do at the pool short of having unprotected sex with someone or rubbing an open wound in someone else's open wound - even then it's actually fairly difficult to transmit. Instead of making a big deal about it and being idiots they could have just gotten a note from a doctor and solved the problem instead of making it worse of one. People are stupid.
Boeing introduced a new huge jet. It looks awesome inside and out but I can't help but wonder why it's pretty much the same old thing in a more refined package. I want to see planes that land straight down without the whole swooping thing - I think that's dangerous and stupid. Id rather see reallllly big helicopter like things with jets on them as well to negate the whole landing thing. I'm sure plenty of people would agree - the take off and landing are the worse part and with good reason.

A very famous preacher who's worked' for the president and other high place church stuff lost his congregation because he said he didn't believe in hell anymore... Uh isn't that a good thing? The thing about religion that most people dont consider cause they are idiots is that there is a LOT to it. There are thousands of religions, millions of different takes on it, and hundreds of different gods. The bible doesn't even talk about hell that much, most of what you consider hell to be is propaganda from people in the medieval ages and crazy poets. This preacher guy actually started to research religion and it's history and started to understand that Hell is a very different concept than he once understood it to be. The Devil is not some ugly pitch forked goat monster but a "Fallen angel" who god has yet to eliminate from existence - which is pretty stupid in itself. The point being that everyone was all mad at this preacher for actually thinking for himself and looking at things from a new point of view. These people who dont know anything but the limited things they have been told just totally dismiss anything they dont want to hear. Most people have a problem thinking that everyone goes to the same place. It would mean that a child molester/ murderer/ Iranian goes to heaven just as much as the pope. So? Why would anyone want anyone to go to hell? I think the people who wish punishment on anyone, even those who it seems deserve it, is no better than someone who does some crime on earth.

I just walked out to check on the dogs where i'm staying and one of them had my bird Skyler in it's mouth - dead. I've had her for over a year and treated her like a child. I genuinely loved that little bird and now she just had what had to be a horrible death being ripped out of her cage by her tail and chewed to death by a fucking little chiuauaua. You know i'll never be able to look at that dog the same way again but I can't really blame it at the same time. I mean yeah I can "blame" it, but it's not evil or a criminal - but yes a murderer. But no worse than anyone who's ever eaten chicken or any kind of meat. So this little bird that I've spent more time with than almost any human in the world, who I tried to teach the ABC's to, who had the potential to talk as a human would - is dead. Just like that.

It makes you wonder. Is there really any justice or wrong or right in the world? Is that dog wrong for killing a bird? Would it be wrong for a bird to kill another bird? A dog to kill a dog? does anyone care? Is there a dog god or only for humans? Are humans really special or just evolved monkeys? If we really are just animals then the same non-rules apply - everything goes. You live, you die, nothing else matters. No matter what you do in between affects where you go when you die - cause you dont "go" anywhere. YOu just die. Blank darkness forever more. Or maybe there is this "heaven" or "hell" neither of which probably exist. Just cause you want someone to be - doesn't mean it does. Just because you dont want something to be - doesn't mean it doesn't. So this preacher who had the audacity to say there is no hell - good for him. I believe the same damn thing. I dont know if there is a heaven, that would be great, but even if there isn't - whatever. I hope every single horrible person goes there. Why? Cause i'm not one of them. I wouldn't want anyone or anything to go to hell for any reason. And I dont think Jesus or "god" would either. I think it's the idiots who created it that deserve it most - but even then I don't really care where they go.

Another misconception about the world that most people dont yet realize is the idea of Americans. Christopher Columbus wasn't the first. The "native americans' were not the first. There had to have been a "first" to set foot in North American but it's almost impossible to know who. Even so, they were quickly followed by other people soon after and more and more until it didn't really matter who was first but who could survive the longest. Skeletons found in American now allude to pacific islanders on boats being the first to come here, even before the Native American Ancestors who came across from Russia to Alaska along that bridge. Even before that much of the upper oceans would have been frozen over and cross able even without boats. So just because the Indians were the ones alive when people who could write came here - doesn't mean they were the first - just the last. "American" as we think of it now, is very similar to how it has always been. A Hodge podge of races from around the entire world combined into one area. I consider myself very similar to those first few generations in the ancient american world. People from different ancestries combining into one, then combining even more, until they arent really anything anymore.

I made the "graph" or whatever you want to call it a while ago to show how we're all related in some way. Whether "adam and eve" or some genius monkeys - we all came from a single source. Or multiple single sources that combined, then separated, then combined again. "What a small world" - duh. We're all related to someone else - some how.

There is a Big Foot like monster in the Amazon jungle that some scientists are going to try to find. Some think it's a giant-ancient-sloth- and others say it doesn't exist. There are hundreds of people who claim to have seen it. Like with Big Foot, The lockness, and UFO's it only takes ONE single person who's telling the truth for it to be (at least to some extent) real. Then when you have people who dont' even know each other who have similar stories - it just makes it seem even more real. You would have to think of the thousand of people who claim to have seen something, at least one of them isn't' delusional. Being a photographer I totally understand why it can be so hard to have "proof" - trying to take a picture without having someone blinking is hard enough let alone trying to take a picture of something you can't be ready for. There isn't any footage or pictures of car wrecks - people dont know they are going to happen. There had never been any footage of snow leopards hunting until "Planet Earth" aired -even then it took 2 months for 2 minutes. So the lack of proof doesn't mean there is a lack of ________.

In Switzerland they just approved a brain cancer vaccine. Cool! Now that's good news. I think Brain cancer would definitely be the worst kind to get! Cancer is pretty weird in itself. What is cancer? Cells that don't do what they are told and start do to bad things. Could it be from the mind? From some preservative? Genetic? A little of all of those? If people would stop being so closed minded and idiotic when it comes to stem cells we could not only cure any cancer, but re-grow limbs, eyes, and pretty much any problem medically there is. Stem cells are pretty much the opposite of cancer - they can turn into any kind of cell and replace the bad ones or missing ones. Cancer does the opposite and turns cells into something that doesn't work. hmmm, lets ban something that could cure cancer and all disease as we know it! Great idea.

Or even more intriguing stems cells could potentially extend human life indefinitely. No more ageing or dying from old age - definitely ban that!

Another very interesting things that made the news recently in the medical world was the first face transplant. I remember watching something about it a couple years ago, they had the technology at the time but no one wanted to be the first. Now there have been a couple. Isn't that just both crazy and amazing at the same time? To take the face off of one person (who died or was about to) and put it on another? I like my face fine, but if it were to be torn off or seriously disfigured I would rather have a new one rather than look like a pizza. So it's definitely a good thing.
Coincidentally "Man Without a face" was just on a couple hours ago. That is SUCH a good movie. Mell Gibson is awesome. I just saw Apocolypto too, it was another Great movie, one of the best of it's kind. So what if he said something bad about Jewish people when he was drunk - he was drunk. Stand up comics say 1000x's worse every single day. I'm not saying it's good to be racist, but get over it. The KKK can legally say whatever they want. So can the Pope, So can preachers - but heaven forbid if Mel Gibson does! haha, BFD. I guess what makes it kinda different was that he mad "Passion of the Christ" but everyone forgets that Jesus was a jew himself. I was just watching a special on the Dead Sea Scrolls and they found that "Son of God" was used way before Jesus and doesn't mean a literal "son" but similar to how some people all priests "father" - that kinda thing. Not to mention all the other writings that were found that were obviously mythical stories right next to the books that became parts of the bible.
The preacher I just mentioned that doesn't believe in hell anymore, after years and years of contemplation, preaching, and research also believes the bible to be written by man describing their own interpretations of God - not written by God. I've believed that since I could read it for myself! The KKK uses that same book for their own interpretation the same as everyone else. Someone said, if you try hard enough you can turn those words into just about anything you want them to be - which is definitely true.
Another coincidence, as I was writing this there was a show on the History channel about Roman emperors - one of whom was Nero who killed himself and said "The world looses a great artist" or something. Interestingly, and yet another huge misconception about the bible and life is about the book of revelation. 666 isn't 6 - 6 - 6, but six hundred and sixty six, the number of a man. That man is NERO. 666 = Nero that Roman Emperor. The person, John, who wrote the book of Revelation HATED nero so it is not a strange coincidence. It's also very significant that through the "scary" stuff in revelation that most people hang onto and wait for the world to end - it ultimately has a good ending. The things they dont tell you in church! Revelation isn't something that hasn't happened yet, but that actually already happened. Sure the world is going to end - there are obviously going to be earth quakes and floods - duh. But we're getting to the point where we can control that and actually leave our planet by the time it starts to fall apart. it's going to happen whether a book said so or not. The moon is slowly moving away from the earth, eventually changing our climate. After global warming will be another ice age. There could be some crazy virus that kills everyone, nuclear war etc. If we keep being idiots we'll kill ourselves eventually. But but. There is also the possibility to stop that and to make sure our children's children's children live on and on as well.
Yeah that's my update for now.
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