Secret Images in the Last Supper

Even more intriguing about this whole thing, is that the Last Supper is just ONE painting that has secret images that form when you mirror the painting on itself. The one above is from Raphael. I talk more about this in my book, but i've found dozens of paintings that have this same propensity. I'll post them as I can. Mirroring a painting on itself was actually the very first thing I did over a year ago when i started all this. Which is also documented in my book haha I'll post that picture when i can find it, and i ever think it's on an earlier blog from a couple months ago.

Interestingly, the Last Supper Images were only a small part of my book and what i've found. The majority was focused on the Mona Lisa. But I did find that when you mirrored the Last Supper on itself it unlocked some pretty interesting things. I never saw the "Templar Knight" Because I dont even know what that it, but I did see the baby being passed around. (see posts before this one for pics)

The painting also has secrets besides being mirrored on itself. It's does things when you cross it on itself in the non-mirrored from as well. I have examples on my re-vamped Last Supper Section on my web site.

I get google alerts for "last supper" and "Leonardo da vinci" and there have been dozens of blog posts, articles, and sites dedicated to this discovery. And you know what, it's so bitter sweet cause i've doubted myself SO much over this. I even released two press releases that cost 800$ and didn't get any responses! Then this guy releases the same thing and gets 15 million hits in a day!?! WTF. It kinda makes me mad cause I found the same thing almost a year ago now, and lost everything to writing this damn book! Then someone else gets credit for it! ahhh. But then again, it's a good thing cause I know there is an interest in it, and other people see it too.

Thankfully I have my book done, and the Last Supper is ONLY ONE Chapter of my book and what i've found. I think once people actually start to read it they'll understand everything a lot more. Unlike the guy in the news who found it and said "he came across it randomly" I explain exactly why I came across it.

So i'm hoping it's only a matter of time before the right person reads this, my site, my book, or any of the comments i've been leaving like crazy on all the blogs talking about it.

Here's an image from a less restored version which I call "the Great ape" cause it looks like an ape in the middle. This is in my book too.


ninarbd123 said…
yeah you are weird. the whole ape doesn't go.
running out of ideas huh???
Derek Bair said…
You're right I am VERY weird. Duh.

There is a clearer pictures of "the great ape" on another post. There are some images that could be what they appear to be - and intended to be that way by Da Vinci and others that are not, and just a fluke. This one might be, or might not be. I dunno. It just looks like a gorilla to me.

Running out of ideas? Not just yet! =)
ohheyvee said…
send me your book for free :3 you aren't weird. lol

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