Lessons Learned - (preview)

When someone tells you exactly what you want to hear - they are probably lying.

If someone forgives you for something - you've done to them a little too easily. They probably already did the same thing or worse!

If someone does something once, they'll probably do it again and again, especially if they promise not too.

If someone says something that confuses you, they were probably trying to.

If someone says "maybe" it usually means yes.

If an old ex suddenly starts talking to you, they're probably on a rebound.

Sometimes when things are "too good to be true" they aren't just as often as they are.

The more animate someone is w/ their words, the more they have to hide.

Even when you think you've heard the whole story, you've really heard about half.

Never trust anyone who doesnt like animals.

If someone earns your trust, then looses it - don't let them have it back.

When you cna't find something, check your pockets (twice) the clothes you wore last, and under the seats of your car and between the cushons of the couch.

If you have a funny feeling your forgetting something - you are.

If someone tells you something you don't believe, you're probably right.

Remember that no matter how bad a moment seems when you're IN it, you'll be laughing about it soon enough.

The best revenge is to not take any.

If you dont do what you swear to, people will walk all over you.

Dont let someone make you feel bad about something you dont.

If there is something you really want to remember - and say to yourself "I'll remember that for sure!" you wont. Write it down - write everything down but be careful where you leave it.

If you are typing something important on the computer - save it after every paragraph. The one time you forget your computer will freeze.

If, for some reason you say to yourself "no, that will never happen" it will, and usually when you dont' want it to or least expect.

If you wait till the last minute, or last night to finish or do something, do it all in the first night instead. THen when something bad happens you'll have time to fix it.

If you like or love someone who you know doens't and wont love you back - dont lie to yourself or think that they'll change their mind - they won't.

If you do something or expect something from someone and get the same result 1, 2, 3, 4, the 5th - 6th - and 7th time, don't expect something different the 8th,or 10th, or 20th - ACCEPT IT.

Don't hook up with recent ex's, they are hooking up with other people than just you and wont admit to it cause it's supposedly not your business anymore and they're angry you broke up - even if they swear other wise. Put it on, put it on.

Don't hook up with anyone else until you know it's really over w/ an ex - then give it another month just in case.

Don't get married until your family and friends continually ask you when you're finally going to get married. NOT when they say "oh... congratulations.. so soo" tentatively.

Dont get pregnant or get someone pregnant until you own your own house and car and they are paid off. If they aren't you can't afford a baby. Babies can wait, your biological clock is teasing you.

If you're horny and are thinking about hooking up with someone you wouldn't in a sober frame of mind - masturbate instead.

Almost everything you heard in school and especially in recess is wrong and useless.

Never accept "cause i said so" or "because you have to" cause those are not good enough reasons - you can do whatever you want unless they can physically make you or stop you!

When someone tells you that YOU can't do something, they really mean that THEY cant or are afraid to. You can do anything.

Always listen to what people don't say rather than the words that come out of their mouth.

You always know when someone is lying and the more they try to convince you other wise and the more you want to believe them - the bigger the lie.

Whenever you say something and someone is like "I didn't/wouldn't/do that/ it wasn't me - They have, they will, and whatever they assume you're talking about before you say it, and they get defensive - they did it and have a guilty conscious.

When all someone has to say back to you is the same thing you just said to them eg. "You do that all the time" and they say "NO, you do that all the time." There isn't a point in talking to them anymore.

When you feel like your going to go crazy, go to sleep. You'll wake up better -if not, repeat.

Never use work sick days for when you can still make it in and survive. You'll want them for days you're not really sick.

You can always make time for the gym and will never feel bad for going. Dont think about it, just walk out the door and go.

You dont have to go to college or have a great career to be successfully. Do what you love, when your happy it's the only real success there is.

Money is the root of all evil. Obsessing over money is stupid and will never make you happy. Think about ways to make money instead of ways to spend it.

All te social stigmas and popular people mentality in school is null and voided the second you graduate. Remember that before you do and you'll be better off.

Laugh at yourself when you do something embarrassing, never be ashamed of it, even if you are don't let it show.

There is nothing wrong with being lazy. People are just jealous that they can't relax and will make you feel bad for it.

Being afraid to dance is 10x's worse, and looks 10x's worse than dancing bad. If you're having fun, you're a great dancer.

If you're not good at something don't pretend you are.

Never tell anyone anything you wouldn't want everyone to know. there is no such thing as a secret, really.

Never ever make a sex tape. If you want to, delete it RIGHT after and never let it out of your sight.

When "just saying no" doesn't seem to work, walk away, cross your arms, or start screaming. It's better to look crazy than do something you dont want to.

If you're going to do drugs or drink for the first time do it in your room w/ someone who has done them before, isn't doing them at the time, and knows where the nearest hospital is. Just in case. Also dont buy drugs from someone you dont know - have someone who does drugs a lot buy them for you.

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