LA Vice, Lohan bust

Unlike all the idiots who hate on Lindsay Lohan I honestly feel compassionate for her. I can't even quit energy drinks so I can only imagine what cocaine is like! I dont even want to try i cause I would be in Rehab in a week flat. hahaha

She just got arrested again for a dui and had some coke in her pocket, opps. Under the article where people can post comments you can find stuff like "A waste of humanity" "should be locked up and the key thrown away" wtf is the matter with people? She's a 21 year old girl with a lot of money and drug problem - big deal. Just cause she's famous doesn't mean she should be perfect! Lets put them in her shoes and see how they handle it. Cast the first stone!? Just like always, ugly girls who are poor and lonely, hate pretty girls who give them a reason too. It's that simple. It's a jealousy thing really - even in her mug shot she's freakin hot. I couldn't even get most girls lookin like that after hours of air brushing. Stupid

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