I hate that

I couldn't even begin to express how much I hate the disney channel. Every since i've been living with my two neices it seems to be on constantly, which wouldnt' be so bad if Disney could do something other than play the exact same shows, the exact same espisodes of those same shows - over and over.

Hanna Montana!? ahhhhhh I hate her, just because I've heard that name 123432x's and then her alter alias miley curtis or whatever. Her and her two personas.

What really urks me is how shallow and stupid these shows are. This is what is entertaing to children? Where are the cartoons? Thundercats, X-men - where our idols saved the world instead of bitching about fashion and girl fights. It really pisses me off. Our Children our being brainwashed! I'm being brainwashed too!

I'm obsessed with Taylor Swift. I like country music now.

I had the most vivid and realistic dreams about my Dad last night. Then I wake up to hearing "Grandpa's going to come over and get Derek" hm!?!

What the hell is going on. I went to bed in one of the best/ weird moods i've ever been in - which i realized might just have been finally not being angry at anyone or anything - only to wake up and have it totally be ruined by my neices literally coming in and barking at me. Hearing about this supposid visit from my dad, and texts that make me want to change my phone number to stop.
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