Virus vs. White Blood cells

I was trying to think of what would be the best and most ideal way to view humanity. In a way that makes sense, but also serves a higher purpose. Basically a way to consider myself and man kind in a way that is good and appealing. I can't think of a current version/ explanation that I like or makes sense to me.

I was thinking that the best way to view humanity and our meaning would be as a part of "nature" and earth.

Whether from a god, or aliens, or as an evolution from elements that randomly came from somewhere - the most ideal way to consider ourselves is as protectors of life, and earth itself.

This is our planet, we can't survive without it. Yet we destroy and pollute it, why? Do we want to kill ourselves? I dont!

So religion and morality aside. We are here to help the planet which in turn helps ourselves and ensures our survival. I like to think of people as white blood cells for the world. We can prevent disease and heal wounds. Everything about our individual body supports itself and keeps it alive and at it's most ideal. If you drink too much alcohol, our kindneys filter it and we pass out so we can't drink anymore and kill ourselves. If you cut your arm, it will heal itself. ETC>

So when I consider how I want to consider myself as a human, I imagine ME as a super hero for the world. A Gardner or helper. Because we're either here as weeds or a virus on the world - which sometimes seems to be the case. OR we're here to help. Since we NEED the world and Earth, and even a little mistake could end humanity (war, nuclear weapons, disease) we should try to help the world instead of destroy it. Right? That makes a lot of sense.

I think everyone has that instinct in them. To help, to nurture, to create and protect life. We're all born to eventually become fathers and mothers and part of that responsibility and desire isn't just for our children themselves, but for the world they are going to grow up and have their own children in. Right? If there wasn't "love" or compassion, everyone would kill themselves by not being able to bring new life into the world. eg. If instead of loving and nurturing your children, you ate them - your species would end.

So shouldn't' we be working together to fix the worlds problems and help the people and animals and environments rather than hurting everything and everyone but ourselves?

If we're stupid we'll end up killing ourselves. If we're smart, we could literally create a heaven on earth.

Hmm.. which should we do? heaven on earth or death? isn't it up to us and in our control? yeah. So lets choose wisely, then come up with a plan to achieve it.

So if the world is our body, and we have the ability to either destroy the body without any regard for our own future - like a virus. Or we could be like white blood cells that get rid of virus's and not only protect the body - but in doing so themselves. Then why do we act like viruses??? A virus would eventually kill itself! If it doesn't have a body to infiltrate to reproduce itself - it'll cease to exist.

Don't be a virus, be a white blood cell!
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