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Found this a long time ago. It could be a more literal than you would think. Maybe someone else knows or has guessed the same thing as me? Also interesting I received an email from someone w/ "I am writing a book in opposition, respectfully" with nothing more. Opposition to what? There are like 10 different theories presented in my book -so we'll see. It's actually a good thing cause it'll show me what people (person) think isn't correct. I have a feeling it's just someone with a conflict with their belief system similar to the countless books that the "Da Vinci Code" spawned. All trying to disprove something that conflicted with their beliefs, but that very conflict based on even more beliefs. I responded with to the email with - "cool"

My book isn't a belief, but an explanation for something visual. I'm definitely open for other ideas but only when they're founded in something other than belief alone. But hey, controvercy gets people to take notice. Look at Paris Hilton. She has people warring over her and it's not even about her, it's about people saying it's not fair for her to get special treatment - but then give it to her by saying she "deserves" to be there because she's a "Bitch" or "whore" or "spoiled" last I checked those were not crimes. It's disgusting how people are treating her when she didn't even hurt anyone or really comit a criminal act. I dont know one single person who hasn't driven when they shouldn't have. Cast the first stone? or just send someone more sucessful than you to jail - just cause she "deserves" it? Bullshit! I've seen less hostility and attention paid to murderers.
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