Over it

So after nearly a year I'm done. My book is written, i've tried to get the right people to read it or anyone really - I'm over it. Click here to download it for free. Dont buy it, dont' read it, I just don't care anymore. I really dont!

I'm finally moving onto something I actually want to do. Something that doesn't make everyone think i'm crazy. Well, they'll probably always think i'm crazy, but at least it'll be for my own sake and not a man from 500 years ago. I started on all of it randomly. I worked on it and lost everything but wrote a book. That's pretty cool! I guess I dont really need anyone else to like it, or to read it, or to confirm it, or to even understand it. I'm either right or wrong or a little of both, but it doesn't really matter. Fuck it!

Now that I know there are other people working on it, that already figured out what I did. I'm off the hook - have fun.

So onto new things. I'm going to go through all the stuff I've written this last year and slowly post it to my site. Finish up my other books. Try to make some money, and start my life as an adult. It would be nice to have a car, a credit card, or money - yeah it would. I'm tired of sitting in one place, thinking about the same damn thing over and over, and waiting for what will probably not happen.

I give up! Or give in - whatever
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