Monkey Men

Other than being bored i'm great. I have a tendency to write when i'm upset vs. when i'm happy so usually it seems things are a lot worse than they really are.

On tv there have been two different shows about the cultures in Africa and some south american island. What's interesting is how similar they are to each other even though they are in completely different worlds. Both have their societies structured around animals. The africans - cows. The South American - Pigs. Their whole lives seem to revolve around taking care of these animals and feeding themselves then finding a wife or selling their daughters. It's pretty strange that cows can buy a woman. It makes you wonder if you were to take a baby from there and raise it in LA if it would be exactly the same as someone else. Yes people are people but there is a lot to genetics (nature) as much as nurture sometimes. Would they have the same mental potential? Would they be Superior? Physically they seem to be, mentally it's hard to tell because they dont have the same education and knowledge to pass along.

They would bleach their hair orange by putting their heads under peeing cows.. They would also "Stimulate" the cows to get them to lactate by blowing air into their private parts. Pretty strange but I guess it works!

It's just weird how different different people in the world are. It's like their lives haven't changed since the stone age when other people in the world are nearly into the space age. Why haven't they advanced as well? Will they? Why don't we help them? Do they even need help?

They are killing each other and then using pigs as payment instead of taking revenge.

There are these two guys who went to live with the south american people for months. I would so do that. I'm the polar opposite to those people I wonder what they'd think of me? hmm
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