On a completely different level, but also an example of The "Problems" in the United States I turned to a Court Tv show.. (moral court)

The defendant: A clown woman who stars in adult movies. The one suing her? - A clown who thinks it demeans the value of clowns. How you could assign great moral importance to someone who wears enough make up you can't even see who they are, who put on fake red noses, and who's job it is to act like an idiot - are you serious? How does this even make it to court - even a tv court? I dont understand.

First, if it's bad for the public perception of clowns because there are clowns in porn.. then it would also follow that anyone in a porn dressed as anything else - a nurse, a doctor, a judge, -whatever would also demean their value as well.. "failing to uphold the traditions of a clown"

So it's "knockers" vs another clown with a sexual clown fetish.. The Judge said that the freak suing was just projecting his own moral absurdity onto poor knockers who is just have some fun and making a living being a porno clown..Knockers wins $1000! wow..

"he can have clown sex and have it be fun, it doesn't have to be an obsession"

As ridiculous as this case was it doesn't even hold a thread to that Idiot judge who sued a dry cleaning company for 50million or something for loosing his pants! How is that ass hole a judge? What point does that prove? That our justice system is a complete and utter joke? That's all he succeeded in doing. Judge Judy was on tv last night talking about it and she said he needed to go see a therapist, I agree.

So that's my superficial court tv update for the day..
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