I just got back from the first real hike i've been on in years. The altitude definitely makes it harder when you're going up hill. You can feel your heart beating in your chest and you get out of breath as if you're on a tread mill. But it goes away very quickly once you stop for a break. It was nice, I didn't take my camera or an mp3 player, I just wanted to go alone. It's amazing what goes through your mind when you're walking.

I was wondering why there aren't more things that eat trees? I mean they are all over and you would think that after millions of years there would be some kind of species that would take advantage of a huge thing that doesn't move! There are things that eat leaves and fruit, but not really anything that eats actual trees. That's weird.

I was also thinking about what I would do if a mountain lion showed up. I was looking behind me ever couple minutes just in case. I wonder if i could take on a mountain lion? Before I left I was contemplating if a mountain lion would want to eat me if I had lotion on vs. none? I mean are they attracted to artificial scents more or would it be better to not put on anything? I thought lotion would be less appetizing then plain derek.

I was also wondering if an elephant would be able to survive up here. I mean if I get exhausted so easily and my heart beats like it's going to explode after a little hill - would an elephants too? Would it die or just have to stop and wait to get used to it like a person would? hmm

Then I tried to figure out if the oldest parts of earth would be on the tops of mountains or down lower? I figured the tops of the mountains were the oldest. I was noticing all the rocks and thinking about how old they really are. I mean if they are way up here, and had to be formed way down low, they must have been around for a LONG time.

I forgot how fun I am to be around - myself and I. I just watch tv and laugh at myself. I talk to the idiots on there as if i was there. It's nice to laugh again..

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