Good Dog

Taken from my book:

"Good Dog
(God is Dog in reverse, exact opposites)

There are two different ways to view the world – to consider our existence. One is; We are the center of the universe, our consciousness believes we’re all there is. Everything else is subjective. Life is like a dream and everything that happens - happens for a reason. There are people watching us, at all times, carefully considering everything we do. –Judging us.. We are souls trapped in a body. Everything you do is accounted for and results in something either positive or negative. We believe there is always a right or wrong way to do something. We are inside looking out at our masters. Our purpose is defined for us by someone or something else. Everything is decided for us, we are workers, soldiers, and part of something. It’s as if we’re fish in a fish tank – under the observation and manipulation of an external force. We dream of the impossible. We pray for it, we wait for miracles. We are emotional children, we think like dogs, we are controlled.


We are a single spot in all of infinite but ordered -chaos. We look at ourselves from the outside in. Our actions have no significance other than what we make of them. We are in complete control of everything we do, we build our world in our image. We are capable and can do anything we choose. We exist separate from everything else, even if dependent on it. We base our decisions off of what we want and need and not the rest of the word or an outside force. We observe and manipulate what we choose. We don’t dream but imagine a potential. We think like gods, We are in control.

The peasant vs the political leader (King). This seems to be what separates the masses from the elite. Those who serve and those who are served. Those who are loved, and those who love. Those who rule and those who are ruled. Those who think and believe what others believe and those who think for themselves. The father and the son.

It seems that we’re usually born with the option but most don’t get the opportunity for greatness, they’re trapped beneath someone else. Their parents, their teachers, their country, the rules. Then there are those who make the rules and rebel against authority to try to become the authority.

Nothing is more feared or respected than a rebel with a good cause.

After all, why does one person with the same opportunities become nothing and the other something? Why do some reach for the stars and others dig their own grave? Who’s really in control? Why can’t we look at that piece of pizza and say – no!!! I will not eat you. Doubts, you are resolved. Fears, you are conquered. For those who strive for great things we must realize that we never fail if we keep trying, everything we want is ours – although sometimes requires an equally great effort.

Failure it seems is a self fulfilling prophecy.

And so my mind wanders, it wonders, it tries to grasp the truth. Why do I think the way I do? What is it that guides them? Why am I not content eating and sleeping and working for someone else? Why has every day of my life felt like I’m disappointing myself in some way? Why can’t I stand to be told what to do, yet search for someone else to help me?

My greatest weakness, it seemed, were my self doubts. "
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