God of War II

These days I usually give up on a video game after the second time I die. God of War II is definitely an exception. It's the best game i've ever played hands down. The story is actually amazing, the game play is top notch, the design of the environments and characters are incredible. I rarely play video games but got all the way to the end in only 3 days. It's basically the movie 300 as a video game. This game is one of the, if not THE, highest rated PS2 game of all time - which it deserves. I'm stuck at the very last scene of the game. There is a small movie where Zeus comes up behind the main character Kratos - who is pretending to give up. Right when Zeus is about to kill him, you have to press a certain button to turn around - grab the sword Zeus is wielding, and turn it back on him. You would think it would be easy to press a button that it shows on the screen but after almost 2 hours of trying I guess not! Literally all you have to do is either press Triangle, Square, Circle, or X when it flashes on the screen! But you have less than a second to do so. I can get 3 steps (different presses into it) but then I don't do it fast enough. I guess the most interesting aspect is how much a little anxiety makes it SO much more difficult. Since it's the end of the game, and you know ALL you have to do is press a button - it seems to make it even more difficult. I also read that there is a mental thing when it comes to pressing buttons that takes an extra .345 sec (or something) for your brain to process pressing a button. I'll have to use that as an excuse. If you play video games, play this one!
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