Nothings real until you let go completely

There is something i've been thinking about for quite a while. It's the idea of resolutions, conclusions, and endings. In tv and movies and books there is always an ending.

In real life and almost all situations - there is NOT an ending.

You could say "never again" but that doesn't mean anything unless you never actually do it again. You can be SO sure of something, you can KNOW you'll never do it again, you can swear by it, - anything you want. But since it's not a movie and it doesn't go blank at the end of the scene - nothing is ever really final.

People get divorced. People re-marry. People break up - people get back together. People quit - and go back.

We have to think about life in terms of NOW, not the past or future. The only real ending is when you die, or someone in your life does. But even then, if you child dies it doesn't really end there. If you break up with someone, it doesn't really end. It's s till going on inside your mind.

In a book or movie it's all set out, it has a middle and end. But in real life the story keeps evolving, you keep changing, there aren't always conclusions. Life is easier if you accept that and dont look for conclusions, because there are not very many.
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