I was just reading an article in "Men's Journal" about detox diets. The person who wrote the article did a 27 day detox diet and described what it was like.

It was an interesting read because for the last 2 weeks i've been doing the same thing on my own. It's basically only eating things that are actually good for you. Vegetables, fruits, soups etc. I also haven't eaten meat in over 2 months now. I wish I could say that I feel great but it's a little too soon for that. At first you go through withdrawals. It's funny cause the guy in the article was describing the very same things that i've been going through for the past week. Mainly Caffeine head aches, and a general "Fuzziness" in your brain. You feel like you're sick, but not like a cold, just some of the same symptoms. I've been addicted to energy drinks since I was 16 and have had 2 -3 -4 -5 a day ever since 4 days ago. I've tried to quit before but always caved after about 2 weeks. I'll come up with some excuse and say "Just this once" that ends up being 3 a day - everyday. For the second day I "had" to take a caffeine pill to help with the head ache. They are the worst i've ever had, Sometimes i'll even get nauseous and throw up. From Caffeine! Stupid.

Addictions are intriguing aren't they? I can actually convince myself to do things if I promise myself "energy drink rewards' Oh, i'll do that. I can get an energy drink! My friends even know to offer me an energy drink and i'll do anything. Stupid.

So instead of getting energy drinks I've been getting placebo ones to help me get over their lure. They're "Hang over Recovery and detox" drinks that are in the same kinda can, almost taste the same, but have all vitamins and stuff that's good for you! There is only a little bit of caffeine but starting tomorrow I'm going to go caffeine free.

I have literally NO money so it's pretty easy to eat healthy. Soup and veggies are cheap. So is only eating once or twice a day and fasting. I read that Americans spend 40BILLION Dollars on diets and stuff. How stupid is that? All you have to do is NOT EAT, but people pay for systems, foods, etc. To loose weight? Stupid.

I weighed myself a couple weeks ago and I was only 150lbs. That's the lightest i've been since before high school. Even when I used to work out every single day and eat right! I probably have the same body fat level but less muscles now. The best part is looking in the mirror every day and seeing something better and better instead of being constantly disappointed with myself. Now I have to work on the exercise aspect of a healthy life style. A gym isn't necessary. Push ups and sit ups can get your body to magazine cover levels if you do enough of them - also a misconception with most people. You don't need to go to the gym to loose weight, just get off your lazy ass and do something other than sit. There is a difference between a gym body and a healthy body, but people need to realize that you don't have to have a magazine quality body to look good and be happy with yourself. You just have to not be fat! And that is not difficult to do, it's actually something you with stain from vs. an action. Just stop eating like a pregnant dog. I mean do you really want to have the will power of a dog? Some dogs will just keep eating and eating if you leave their food out. Most people are like that. If it's there, they gotta eat it. Grow up and get over food. Once you're able to fast and control yourself then it also enables you to transfer that will power to other parts of your life.

400 Billion a year? To stop eating? I definitely need to start my food distribution program soon! People are just lying to each other to make money, stupid!
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