Celf Centered Conspiracy Theory

Yeah this is a crazy and long post. I'm just tired of my expectations never being met. Why doesn't anyone buy my book? Why doesn't anyone get it or care? What am I doing wrong? What is really going on? Is everyone just a faukeing idiot? OR am I? Maybe like so many other people, I have to die before people give a shit? Am I ahead of my time, or just ahead of myself? Hmmmmmmm

Lets think about it:
Sometimes I feel like my life whole life is a fraud.

In a situation or set of circumstances there are certain outcomes you would logically expect to happen. When you drop something, it falls. When you do the right thing, you're rewarded. When you do the wrong thing, you're punished.

But it doesn't work like that. Sometimes there are outcomes which aren't expected, predicted, or logical.

Both my strength and weakness lays within my logical brain. I think in YES or NO. Wrong or RIGHT. Left or Right, but over the course of the last year i've discovered that there isn't always black and white but everything is a shade of grey. There can't be a black or white because if there was a full white or black then there wouldn't be an opposite to compare it to. Without cold, there would not be hot. There wouldn't be anything because it's in the relation to something else that we give something significance.

The dilemma I'm facing is interesting.

I make valid discoveries. They are significant and unique - totally my own and relating to VERY Relevant topics. Da Vinci (worlds greatest genius) Mona Lisa (most famous work of art) The Shroud of Turin (Most studied human artifact of all time) The Last Supper (Subject of countless books) Essentially finding and de-coding a real life "Da Vinci Code" One of the best selling books of all time. Definitely one of the most controversial.

So the controversy within my self is this: What the fauke is going on?!
Why don't people respond to my emails?
Why don't people care? - They cared about the Da Vinci code?!
Why isn't what I've found appreciated or valued?
Why doesn't anyone buy my book?

Logically it could be either: Me or "Them"
If it's ME then it means I'm completely or partially delusional. I'm seeing things that aren't really there. I'm wrong. I'm confused, and I don't know it. But it's in considering that very idea that makes me even more sane than most. I've considered that i'm wrong and i'm crazy - a lot. BUT how do you account for the non-subjective things I've found. NOT the theories I have to describe them but the discoveries themselves.

It's a mystery why the perspective inexplicably rises behind Mona.

It's "suppose" to be like that. No one knows why. No one has figured out that when you roll the painting up the opposite sides align. Remember the Mona Lisa was painted on wood so its pretty interesting for this to happen. It also wouldn't happen without it being designed to do so - but why would he do that? I'm not making it up, you can see it for yourself. You can read up on it, no one knows why the perspective is "off" this is something significant by itself, obviously couldn't have been made up on my part, and just goes to show that I'm noticing REAL things. Things no one else has.

But yet, throughout this past year I still feel torn between thinking it's just me. That I'm an idiot for dedicating everything to this stupid book. I honestly just want to give up, give in, and run away. I wanna be like; "Fauke it, I don't care, I never have, I never will, I wasted a year of my life, I'm an idiot" I've thought that many times, but every time I do I just force myself to keep remembering that it's not about me, it's about things I've FOUND. Not fabricated.


Lets say I'm walking in the woods and I find a huge skull. It's human-ish but 50lbs. I didn't put it there. I don't know anything about it or skulls in general - but there it is.
I think; How did it get there?

  1. There used to be real giant human-ish things.
  2. Someone placed it there, but it's still real.
  3. Someone placed it there, and it's fake.
  4. I'm delusional and it's not really there. I imagined it.

If it was real and genuine you would ask: Why am I the first to find it? Why hasn't anyone else? Was it exposed from some natural condition - earthquake, flood etc. Did someone or something dig it up?

If someone placed it there on PURPOSE. Then what is that purpose? For ME to find, or ANYONE to find?

If it was for just anyone to find, why would someone leave it there? What purpose could that serve?

Again, is the skull real or fake?

If it's real and it's been placed there for ME to find, then why me? If it's real and placed there for anyone to find, then why did I find it?

Was the circumstances designed? Meaning that someone put it there for a specific reason, or was it random (it was placed there accidentally, it fell out of plane or something - someone lost it)

So when I go back to report what I've found - to _______ (whoever) would they believe me?

A 50lb human skull would have to be seen to be believed. Even then most people would consider it to be fake - no matter what.

Then another set of people would believe it, even without proof.

Then another set would only believe it if experts ran "tests" to verify it.

Then another set would think I set up the whole thing myself.

What's real, what's the truth?

Since this is a made up scenario the truth is whatever we want it to be. But here comes the point.

Am I crazy? Why wouldn't people believe me? Why WOULD They?
In my situation these are the possibilities:

  1. I fabricated the entire thing on purpose
  2. I'm delusional, I found something but it's not what I think it is. But I didn't fabricate it
  3. I found something that I think is genuine, but isn't real - (like someone putting a fake skull there)
  4. I found something genuine and real

1.First off I didn't fabricate anything. I would have had to paint and title the Mona Lisa myself. I would have had to paint and fabricate the painting of Salai, the Vitruvian Shoud, Da Vinci's self portrait, and The Last Supper. Since they were all created and already photographed before I was even born - this is impossible. There is no possible way I could have faked what I've found. Not only that but everything i've done can be reproduced and replicated quite easily.

2.The only way I could be delusional would be if I'm seeing something on my screen that no one else does. Meaning that I'm so crazy that how I see things isn't the same as everyone else. Similar to someone seeing a ghost that no one else can, or an imaginary friend. Since other people - everyone actually- can see what I see, exactly as I see it. Then that rule that one out -whew.

3.This one is possible but unlikely. If someone placed the paintings online with the intention for someone to put this together, like a huge puzzle or test, then again - they would have to go back in time to paint and title the paintings and arrange everything to some how come together. Since I have only been alive 24 years I can't know for sure what happened 500 years ago - no one can. But if someone set it up, then why? I could only think they would do this if they wanted to see if someone could figure it out, or they couldn't figure it out themselves.

4.This is the most likely, not just because I want it to be the most likely but because it's the conclusion I've come to again and again after a year of doubting it being true. I am right. I found something not fake or fabricated but real. Something that wasn't designed by anyone other than the originator LEONARDO DA VINCI. I happened upon a real "Da Vinci Code" Yes - my theories to explain what i've found could be wrong, but what i've found IS NOT. Meaning that my explanation for the 50lb skull might be just a theory, but the skull itself is there and real. Maybe i'm wrong in the theory about why the various paintings combine and are related to each other - but that doesn't mean they DONT combine - anyone can see that that part is true.

So without the theoretical explanations, (which I do think are true) - these are the facts:

These three images align and combine. I'm not playing any visual tricks. You can actually combine them by crossing your eyes. I obviously didn't paint or create any of these images. I also didn't Title them!

Mona Lisa - "Mon Salai"
Salino - ona Lisa

Although these anagrams could be considered coincidental, it's more likely they are valid since the anagrammed names relate to a painting and person who combines perfectly with the other. I didn't try to make an anagram to fit, I looked for them and they were there!

So whether you believe my theory as to why this happens and was actually designed this way - doesn't invalidate the fact that they do combine. You might not believe my explanation behind why the 50lb skull is there, but you can see it for yourself and come up with your own opinion.

The Last Supper obviously has something hidden in it. The knife and hand without a body. The femininity of the person to Jesus's right. The chalice hidden sideways on the wall. Without getting into the validity of the implications but commenting on the painting itself ( it is JUST a painting) I figured out the correct way to view it.

Just remember that although you might not want it to be true due to your religious beliefs, doesn't mean that you can't accept what is being demonstrated in the painting. It doesn't make it real. It doesn't mean you have to believe the implications of it. It's just Da Vinci's personal opinion. But I do assure you, this is how he intended it to be viewed.

As the painting is crossed on itself, either by crossing your eyes, or using a computer. There are parts that align and combine. The faces create new faces, the green tie acts as a mask on 4 other characters, and a hat. It's so complicated I dont understand it completely. But I do know it was intended to be viewed like this. Not just because of what happens when it is, but because of the clues that made me think to do it in the first place. Again, I didn't try to find these things, I read Da Vinci's Journals and then applied my knowledge to the painting and found this.

I didn't play with the painting in photoshop until I got these images, but found them in a very specific way. Meaning that I went looking for something, and found it. I didn't keep moving it around until I found something I wanted to find, what I found and the images it creates appear at set intervals not randomly. It's not that you move the painting around on top of itself enough to make it appear that it's suppose to be viewed like that - it's that when you move it in a very specific and intentional way - the other images appear. Two very different circumstances. One could be coincidental, the other is not. I'm also not the original person to theorize that the person to Jesus's right was a woman. I just found things to elaborate and confirm it. (someone thought there might be a skull in the forest, I'm just the one who found it)

Or take this for instance. This looks like a girl whether you want it to be or not. You can say it's just androgynous or whatever you want to try to disprove it, you could say it's coincidental that the other character is pointing to an indentation where the ADAMS apple would be, but at what point do you just concede that it's a woman? Not that it's Jesus's wife, but that the person in the PAINTING obviously is - two very different things. It's just ignorant to dismiss it. Or if it's just coincidental that it appears to be a woman - why would he be pointing to an indentation where his Adams apple would be?

This superimposing is interesting because the faces are VERY similar. But what's more interesting to me is that the hand of the woman placed on top is actually proportional where the persons in the last supper painting is not. I bet you that in the original the hand of the person to Jesus's right was similar to the One I superimposed. It's also very interesting that the yellow bundle is included in many of Da VInci's paintings - always representing a baby - or what would hold a baby.

Notice the finger pointing to the bundle. Notice that she's looking down at the bundle in front of her and not at the babies in the scene. Remember that this version wasn't approved by the church.

Here is the same bundle. Around the Angels shoulder when he's telling Mary to expect a baby. (think stork and how he carried a baby)
Notice that's its green, and the angel is wearing red.

Here is Mary. Notice the same bunle around her belly - but yellow. Her cloths being red and blue.

This painting actually demonstrates the Stereo gram effect as well. If you cross the characters with your eyes, you'll see the angel touching (blessing) Mary's stomach.

You'll also see Mary's hand placed on the Angels shoulder. When you do this with the naked eye it actually works even better and you'll notice actual movement of the angels hand as you cross it over her belly. Similar to an animation. Obviously you have to be able to control your eyes enough to see this, but the computer generated image above gives you an idea.

So whether you believe the Da Vinci code and it's symbolism doesn't mean Da Vinci himself didn't. There are some universal symbols, numbers specifically 1 One . One is always one even if the symbol representing it is different. Crosses, Nazi symbols, etc. Are subjective. Had there never been a Jesus or Hitler their corresponding symbols wouldn't mean the same thing.

Color and color use relating to symbolic meaning can vary between artists and people. Some people think Red is evil, some think it symbolizes love. Etc. But that doesn't mean there is a universal aspect to it as well.

Water is blue, fire is red, grass is green. It's deep and requires a huge explanation but lets just examine it as it relates to Da Vinci and his use of color - which is very close to the universal aspects.

A little about colors and their meaning:
Red, Green, & Blue are the only true colors. Red is + Masculine. Blue is - Feminine. Green is neutral. Green is also the color that represents a baby/ off spring.

The two characters, Jesus and the Woman are both clothed in Red and blue. It's green where she is looking down, where the "baby" should be. Also, I found an old book with a photo of the painting that showed blood coming out of Jesus's wrist where his crucifixion would be, and poring into a cup on the table. In the newer versions (the painting has been "restored") it has been removed. I think there has been a lot of alterations from the original, the addition of the chair, the female characters hands are not in proportion, as well as the areas where the baby would be. This would mean that someone else knows about the paintings implications and attempted to correct/ deface them. I'm not sure how much they know about the correct way to view it though. There is still a lot intact which makes me think they only knew to some extent.

If you didn't realize "Blood" usually means genetically related. They are my "blood relative". So it's very interesting that his blood is poring out of his crucifixion would and into the spot where his baby would be. Where the green is. The religious symbol of drinking Jesus's blood, and eating his body might be more than that.

Another "Instance" *crossing* that shows Jesus's arms in the position and expression (look at his eyes, where they are looking, and his expression) you would expect from someone holding a baby.

This one shows yet another instance where he's holding the baby over his shoulder and also looking to the right. I think each instance is suppose to be viewed from 3 different angles. If you look at it from straight on it will look one way, then from the left, then from the right - each showing a different instance within one instance - from a different perspective. Similar to a holograms card when it changes depending from where you look at it. Look at your monitor from different angles. it does change.

If you know anything about perspective the Last Supper was designed around 3 different perspectives.

This nail on the upper wall with two different shadows shows that it's based on three perspectives.

This shows how the painting is divided. I'm still working out the details and mechanics behind it, but all the images I've shown were designed to be seen that way.

Yeah it could be conflicting with Christianity, but it's just a painting and Da Vinci's opinion.

So to end this extremely long post I'll get into a little conspiracy theory, or the possible explanations why no one gives a fauke about what I've found!

1.People don't take it seriously or understand what it is I've actually found.
2.They simply don't care.
3.They already know about it, and it's a secret no one mentioned to me.
4.The right person hasn't seen what i've found. But will, then everything will change.
5.I'm stuck in a different reality. Matrix style, or a never ending dream.
6.I'm being personally set up, tested, or fauked with.

1.This is the most likely. People go to my site and think everything I say is too far fetched to be real or valid. They need an expert or someone other than me to say it's real - for it to be real. Or they just don't get it.

2.This is also very likely. People dont care about ancient art, discoveries, or anything of the sort. They would rather obsess over Paris Hilton and dieting, and fashion to think about anything else. No one really thinks too much these days anyways. And it definitely takes a lot of thinking to realize the significance of what i've found.

3.This one crosses my mind a lot. I figured out a secret that people already know about, but isn't common knowledge and no one wants to tell me. They just want to see what i'll do. I can't imagine it's that big of a deal or they would have tried to stop me. Although How do i know everything I post online is seen by anyone? It's just a screen and everything I send and receive could be controlled. But then what are they waiting for? Tell me already I'll stop! maybe

4.This is what I HOPE is the explanation. The people who go to my site and read my book think it's true, but aren't able to do more than read about it. They aren't in the position to tell the press or the "right" people to get everything going. To get what I've found tested, and acknowledged. I'm just in need of a news reporter, Dan Brown, a publisher, etc. To see what I've found and announce it. Then I can start selling some books and move on with my life.

5.Hmmm, maybe i'm just dreaming all of this. It is pretty strange. I'm in an advanced video game and don't know it - total recall style. Or maybe I'm like Neo figuring out that this isn't really real! I used to think about this a lot. But once I found out I had aspergers it explained those feelings. I feel different, unique, and not understood because I experience the world different from most people. I think Da Vinci thought in a very similar fashion and this explains our parallels and why I've been able to notice what no one else has. Since i'm afraid of talking to people about what i've found or "throwing myself out there" - being a good sales man i guess you could say. My shyness has prevented me from taking my book and discoveries to the next level. I wonder why it has taken so long or no one understands, but then forget that I have to actually DO something to make it happen. It's not going to magically happen, i have to make it happen. I have to explain it until you get it.

6.This is the funniest conspiracy theory. The one I believe the least but also fear the most. Think Truman show. I'm being watched and tested and people are controlling the various aspects and experiences about my life. My life is a reality show, that I don't know about. This isn't actually as far fetched as you might think! It happened to me before, which is probably why I'm always second guessing everything. I was unknowingly on MTV's "You've got a friend" and didn't realize it until I stormed off in a drunken rage. Then the producers came out and told me. Funny. The episode never aired - convenient. I did sign a paper, I was too drunk to understand and didn't even read it. What if I was so interesting they never stopped. hmmm.
So that's it for now. If people are just faukeing with me. Testing me, watching me, messing with me, or what not. hahaha yeah great joke. I'm done. You can come out now.

and if I'm just this unknown autistic paranoid prodigy - then just please buy by damn book! It's actually really good. I cant seem to move on past this book or this part of my life. I have so much more I want to see and do, please help me! I'm just about at my limit of working on something and getting nothing for it. No car, No money, all debt, one friend, no relationshit, no trust, no love, and sadly my passion is wavering.

I guess the question now is, How do I give up?

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Anonymous said…
You sense there is something important here, but you just don't know what it is because you have not connected the dots. Trust your instincts and follow your passion: patience charts course, not pressure. It has taken many others twice as long to see half as much, and some will always refuse to look. It is not just one artist, or one philosopher, or just one method of observation you seek. You are not alone, but if you depend on others to make you happy, you will remain perpetually frustrated. "All in good time, my pretties... all in good time." ;)
Anonymous said…
I find this all very interesting and I believe all these things were done for a reason, I hope you figure it all out...good luck to you and try not to let it make you so crazy~ it sounds like you deserve all the credit and that needs to be recognized for all the work you have put into this, amazing! keep at it and when all the pieces fall into place I am sure it will bring you great satisfaction to just know you got it!
take care,
Anonymous said…
Here's what to do: Connect your findings with a purpose e.g.
second include your stuff in an amazing project by contacting this guy

check out http://www.vorai.com,
take it from there
This will give you the platform you need also name your visual art analysis technique and establish it as a mainstream item for interpretation training, e.g. the third vision mode or "TVM" I should also say that a similar overlay and rotating of overlayed squares/overheads has been used to decipher mayan scripts and figures, relating them to the astronomy and sun spot cycles by an unconventional scholar. Read about I.P. convention. Do copyright and sign your stuff etc.
Anonymous said…
Hello there, I"m so glad that I found your sight, its amazing. I have been researching Jesus' life sense I was in the sixth grade but didn't know it then, at least not in a historical way. But sense I read a book called 'Return to Sodom and Gomorrah' by Charles Pellegrino for a college class I have been on the slow discovery of a secret that lies in the shadow of contemporary history, a secret that isn't just 2,000yrs old but centuries older. I have no doubt that you have found something, Leonardo, not only was a painter/inventer but was a beleiver in a far more ancient beleif, a beleif that goes beyond Jesus or mary. Your stuff tyes into some of the things that I have found in murals in ancient Egypt. I have always wondered if some of these "pictures" didn't do the same things that you have found. The big differance is that while some of them are painting most are not, they are etchings and bas-relefs. I was wondering if you had had anything semilar happen with sculpters or bas-relefs. I also wanted let you know you are not alone in your Quest. Many of us are searching with you. If it helps I don't think Leonardo ever intended to become famous, I don't think that he realy cared. What he did care about was sence he was, what could he do with it? I myself fancy to be an artist and in doing so have found that I can pass on to others and the next generation what my thoughts and belifes are, but beyound that I tell the truth as I see it. Now thats not to say history would agree with it and I know that most people just think I'm nuts. But it is to say that if someone 2000yrs from now where to find one of my drawing and wonder what it is hidding, they would be able to see 'if they have ears to hear and eyes to see'. Its a window to our time frame, to our ara of history. If you had only one oppertunity to discrible how you see the world and its beleifes and even its trouble what would you say? Any way I also wanted to ask you who you got to publish your book? I would love to read it, but book buying is a rarity in my home. Sorry hun. But trust when I get the chance I will. My book is no where near completed. And because I to have a fear of reducule I have made it a fiction. But like I said above, smiles, getting it out is more important. If you would like to contact me my email is inanna_ofthe_rose@hotmail.com

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