So I started swimming laps about a week ago. In my life i've never been able to do more than about 2 without being too exhausted to do more. It's always hard for me to do something I dont want to do, especially if it doesn't feel good. So I decided to see what would happen if I kept trying instead of just giving up after the first time. So the next day I doubled what I could do and did 4 laps. The next day, 5. It's amazing how that works. It's also amazing how fast our bodies can adapt and mature. Since I've never really swam laps I didn't know how to do that "breast stroke' Or whatever that normal swimming position is!? After only a few days it's totally easier and I can actually realize what makes me go faster and what seems harder. It's kinda cool already knowing what the best way to do it is (i've seen people swim professionally before) instead of having to figure it out for myself. If I had never seen anyone swim before would I eventually choose to swim that way as well? I wonder if there is one specific swim manuve a human body could do that would be the ultimate? I'm assuming that's what that breast stroke is. I couldn't think of a better position to swim in, to make me go any faster.

I've also been doing 100 push ups a day for the last week! It makes for such an incredible difference in such a small amout of time! I'm almost able to see a six pack pushing through! And this from only a week of push ups - no gym, no expensive equipment. Just doing push ups. The things they don't tell you on tv, huh? They would rather you spend x$ on ___ instead of actually telling you something that helps. Hey' get off your lazy ass and do sit ups during tv commercials, and in a month you'd loose 50lbs!' but no. Take this pill, then wam, you're skinny and beautiful. Sorry but it doesn't really work that way haha anyways, I'm working on a new mini book about weight loss that i'm going to provide for free. Then have people donate a dollar for every pound they loose from reading my book! What a deal? Then i'm going to use half of the profits to help feed the rest of the world. I"m calling it the "Weight re-distribution program" People can send their weight to where it's needed, and actually wanted. It's stupid that we spend billions of dollars on pills, programs, and foods to loose weight. When there are people in the world starving to death and have malnutrition. I think with my program it will give people a reason to loose weight, but also let them see that they can help people too. Not only that but once you realized that there are people so skinny who didn't have to pay to look that way, they can realize they can do the same! haha It's sad, but true. You're fat and selfish. But you can change!
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