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Today two news headlines stood out.

1. A lady working at a day care put tape over a 2 year old mouth because he wouldn't be quiet at "nap time" she left him like that for a few minutes, came back, and he was dead. WTF is the matter with her??? I'm sure she had no intention of actually doing any "harm" but regardless she killed someone's son. That's just.. uh. Can you imagine what the parents must feel like? Their child gets killed by someone taping it's mouth shut? She's being charged with first degree murder. I think this is an interesting case because although it's absolutely horrible, she probably had no intention of really hurting him, let alone killing him. But that doesn't change what happened? This is one of those cases where I think the "Crime" is punishment enough. I don't know if putting her in jail for the rest of her life would really help anyone. I doubt she would ever do anything like that again, but then again.. I don't know. It's interesting. I dont think locking people in cells does anything for anyone but it's hard to think of another adequate punishment. I'm not for the death penalty at all. I would think medical testing would be better, at least then they're providing help instead of just sitting in a cell. Have it be elective to lessen the sentence or avoid the death penalty. Then they have a choice. Just a thought.

2. Crigler-Najjar syndrome - a disease that makes a certain toxin build up in the person with the condition. It's only treatable by a "blue light" machine! Interestingly the story was about these Quaker like people who still ride around on horse buggies. I don't understand people like that. I guess I respect their beliefs but they seem more like a cult than anything else. I mean what's so bad about change? Obviously the past wasn't that great and has only ever held us back. I think this disease is just one of the many negative aspects to living like that. Being so shut off from anyone else actually creates a small gene pool and a in-breeding type effect. Not too many people are going to join a quaker like life, so they dont have too many options when it comes to marriage. Genetic diseases that require a child to be under a blue light until they can get a kidney transplant isn't natural. If it were 50 years ago their child would die. So going by that alone, you would think they could grow up and join the world. They can make exceptions for technology to save their children, but shun everything else? I dont know what it is, But I feel they don't realize what it is they are staying away from. The Internet, computers, technology - are good things. Imagine life without Internet? Without Gps or mapquest? Without - so although I respect their decision to stay in the dark, I don't think it's the best way to live.

That's the "news" from today!

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