How's this for a very strange coincidence. I am editing my book and spell check said "lay underneath" was wrong. It wanted me to change it to "Lie" so I typed "Lay underneath" in google to see which was really correct. This was the first site that came up for the search! WTf?? It's pretty strange that "lay underneath" happens to bring up (as the first page) an article about hidden paintings - if you didn't know that's one of the main themes of my books! Weird! I'm almost done, look for the newest, and last *it better be* version up by tomorrow!

"As part of its "Picasso and American Art" exhibit, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is presenting a look at a hidden image discovered behind the artist's painting Scene de rue, seen on the right.
Unusual brushwork patterns and colors peeking through cracks in the surface of the painting long fueled a suspicion that another image lay underneath. Picasso painted the work more than 100 years ago, but only recently have digital-imaging techniques uncovered its hidden representations of patrons and can-can dancers in a French nightclub.
Credit: James Martin/CNET"
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